World War 2 Themed Battlefield – Sunday Mailbox – Battlefield 3/4


Today I discuss the idea of a World War 2 themed Battlefield , a weapon jamming mechanic and more ! Have a question ? Let me know by leaving a comment !


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  1. tata dircio says:

    [email protected]&k yea ill buy the ww2 game just imagine you running on the sand on d-day 

  2. i would pay Any price for ww2 game on frostbite engine. however i would prefer red orchestra game play style.

  3. Daniel Brown says:

    Sunday mailbox
    Do you think viserol should do the campaign and dice does the multiplayer meaning the multiplayer will be better and the campaign will be better. What's your opinion?

  4. 47 Ronin says:

    A ww2 game would be awesome especially if you play as a soilder in the red army going through the years from 1939 to 1945 and you get to fight in the major battles like Stalingrad and Berlin especially with good graphics oh ya baby thow thats a a game i would buy

  5. WJP556 says:

    To make jamming and weapon failures more realistic, the longer your kullstreak, and the more rounds you put down range, the higher the probability for a malfunction.

  6. What guns/gadgets/levelutions/vehicals would you like to see in the next exspansions for bf4? Can be anything from past games/future games/real life/ anything.

  7. BF4 needs the 100 point revive reward, like in BF3. There needs to be a greater incentive to revive.

  8. Tom Pittman says:

    YES! honestly this is an amazing idea! As you said a levelution event on a d-day level would be immense!
    Yes the ww2 shooter games are over saturated but they are over saturated by games with bad graphics and terrible characters. A beautiful and believable ww2 fps is needed.

  9. Kyle Hills says:

    Im ready for a WWII or Vietnam modern fps.

  10. FrankMcFly says:

    hm… Balanced the Weapons 😀 😀 😀 They should make them REALISTIC, real Recoil, Damage, Range, Bullet Spread, Overheating, Jamming (for Example the UTS15 Shotgun = Crap Reallife Weapon) ect……. Without Customization = 80% of the Gamers didnt play this Shooter.

  11. John Vasquez says:

    hey man do you have a twitch? or if levelcap has one?

  12. Manny G. says:

    8:32 cough levelcap cough

  13. Duncan Blade says:

    I would really like to play Battlefield 2143 instead of modern war.

  14. They brought out Battlefield 1943 for Xbox 360 and PS3, (I don't know about PC) maybe they could revisit that?

  15. I cant stand futuristic games 

  16. ww2 dlc for bf4 vietnam style now

  17. How about DICE stopped caring about money and started caring about the community as a whole.

  18. Wesley S. says:

    Please play some more red orchestra 2 !!!!!

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