Hello guys today I’ll share my thoughts on offense Paris and what I think is going to happen ! My personal hope not to offend …


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  1. MintGraphics says:

    Fucked up world, fucked up world. How ever WW3 won't actually be nuclear. Think about it. Wars are to prove points and which countrie(s) are stronger. Obviously anyone with a nuclear weapon is clearly powerful. So if they use a nuke, we all die, including the people who pressed that big red button. Yes they've got nuclear bunkers, however, nuclear radiation lasts about 25K years. So good sources will be useless.

  2. LaGooN EU says:

    im so done.. they dropped 2 bombs,one in syria and one in rakka? rakka is in syria and it was 26 missiles. good video tho bro

  3. Do a draft series mate;)

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