World War 3 – 2015 RUSSIA prepares for WAR over Ukraine


HOW Share Join God Bless When the Russian Defense Minister announced plans for training exercises near US borders , has them connect specifically to …


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  1. Robrecht .O says:

    This is just a compilation of western propaganda designed to create fear and support war $$$ What bullshit…….

  2. Ryanfish91 says:

    makes me want to play civilization 5


  4. spudnic88 says:

    Putin sucks cocks and swallows many liters of sperm every week. How can the russian monkeys like this faggot?

  5. s heydrich says:

    Huh? No mention of Israel's "aggressive, provocative behaviour"Nor the U.S.A. getting involved in any altercation it can to push it's own political agenda. War is spreading political ideology by other means.

  6. бойтесь Россию пиндосы

  7. Eric Parker says:

    I made it about 3/4 of the way through….the PROPAGANDA (LIES) were too much to endure any further

  8. I can't take aything or anyone serious that includes bible verses in their coverage. It's sickening to me that this book of garbage makes it's way into everything!

  9. Dr Bre says:

    putin didnt kilter but dont push him.when time to shoot did he blast dont even ask.if america can do that to many countries why canot russia and china…why is america so special to take what he want and make wars break apart countries with some stupid excuse. is it better now in libiya or irak sirya?fuck of to america who are in hands of jews…wake up america small time ppl its not for your best interest its for minority elite

  10. I think that the Cold War never ended

  11. why just why do poeple like killing people I hope ze Russian read this people have the right to live I hate hoe people do something mean and they rewind the whole country I believe in revenge but not this big of it god I believe if someone punched me ill scope dem eyes out but not this bad killing da whole country my god >:(

  12. Tony R. says:

    CCN propaganda?

    What is the US doing in Eastern Europe? Installing new missiles and atom bombs directed on Russia…??

  13. main stream bullshit!

  14. What does the usa thinks it is. Since whenn does RUSSA OR CHINA PERMISSION FROM THESE SCUMBAGS to patrol there OWN border. But I think why they are so "UPEST" NOW THEY CAN'T JUST SO EASELY SPY ON TEHM.

  15. Julie Verma says:

    Puntin.end Obama buy arrest him and get Hillary out of America we don't want him here no more send them back to where he really belongs hand him over to the to the world court

  16. USA are threatening their own people with this lies….

  17. Dmitriy Uzun says:

    Don't fuck with Russians, they do what we all do, I think we need to sit down and talk.

  18. collapse?! Putin was head of the KGB eastern Germany before this so called collapse

  19. Neveah Lorne says:

    The whole world should join Russia to get rid of those bitch ass western countrys esp America drop a nuclear on that bitch.

  20. Hajul Ellah says:

    What's with the moronic bible verse? This world is full of stupid people.

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