World War 3 (2018-2025) Simulation Realistic


My improved World War 3 simulation . Russia , China and the allies are winning at first , but the tactical mistakes (particularly the Russian invasion failed Brazil ) their cost …


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  1. Will Baker says:

    true and false false cos uk vs indea no lol shit speling true cos we are moor powefull

  2. Justin Cao says:

    "In fear of having the same fate, Ukraine and Moldova enter the war on the side of the Russians"
    Pfft!, like hell that's ever gonna happen!

  3. Hey noob do your homework. Brazil and Turkey are pro Russian not pro Nato. With that Russia takes Europe, Brazil takes SA and Australia and NA are left on their own cut off. Mexico may lead a revolution brining the fight to NA, Australia surrenders and Russia and its allies launch a full scale invasion on the USA and Canada. In the end the US fires it nukes and leads to a nuclear wipeout of the world. Survivors will need 200.000 years for radiation to be normal. The end.

  4. adam3817 says:

    I have a way more accurate simulation that could be put in 2 words: EVERYONE DIES!

  5. Oh… no, no, no! WHY!

  6. India against the UK? LMFAO

  7. - Roger - says:

    War, war never changes…

  8. Chinmay Sahu says:

    First of all, India can never be red, because India and America are currently allies.

  9. additma says:

    I thought this video is "Realistic"

  10. Wipit Usyzn says:

    NATO wouldn't help the Iranian people change the regime, we can do it ourselves. They would want our land, that's why they would attack if they did.

  11. Rameel Ahmed says:

    pakistan wont be with nato

  12. Israel,Turkey and Saudi Arabia on the same side :)))))))) unbelievably unrealistic; and why would Russia suddenly gives a fuck about South America while it can keep conquering Europe ?! and the reason you don't see nuclear attacks in this video is also because SEAL team stopped all nuclear launches in the last second behind all enemy lines. you should definitely seek a career in Hollywood mate, or maybe write the scenario for the upcoming call of duty :)))))

  13. X says:

    Bullshit its not realistic

  14. Prem Kumar says:

    a full of crap….india is against uk???here is full of under estimation of asian powers like russia,china and india…are you sure that pro-nato forces can invade whole world???huh??the climax shows that asia has fragmented literally??i can bet it would be impossible..hav the piss of someone before presenting this shitty videos

  15. "Malaysia occupied by US"
    Malaysian:(takes giant protests)

  16. India would never invade uk because there under the British empire.

  17. X Man says:

    neocanuck how did you make this assumptions???????? it seems to me you are out of your mind dude………….

  18. Munky says:

    "realistic" this guy who made this video is anti chinese and anti russian american fag

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