World War 3


My perception of what is happening in the world today , all events that could lead to World War 3 .


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  1. He was so correct…. so long ago….

  2. In 1955 (I have the document) nikita khrushchev goaded his British counterpart during a debate about who started WWII and why pointed out that the the British built up Hitler to attack Russia but he attacked the British and French instead after the British broke international law by declaring War on Germany .. (Hitler not only never threatened the UK, Hitler petitioned for peace from 1938 onward but Churchill made his desire for war known a full year before the appeasement pact..

  3. Jake Cutler says:

    45,403 views on a Italy video 

  4. Julio Solis says:

    World War 3: listen and make your own conclusion!! Before is too late.I love USA but we better paid attention to what's really important for humanity. 

  5. abra cadabra says:

    Within the first thirty min I hear bush say that irac has wepons of mass destruction and if the usa gets rid of sadom then the terrorist orginization would stop and seas to exist. Yes he convinced you didn't he. However if sadom had weapons of mass destruction why did he not use them when america invaded? Non belevers of the suposid consperacies. Answer that one for me, now let me first point out this bush and other polititions including other preadents say fluently the new owrld order but yet you refuse to hear that from your chosen leaders. What does that tell you? No consperacy in the new world order and dumbing down the population because of why? You are e pert fo het pupoletion hath si bumd wond what's your first name re and your last tards? Ge how so many can and is dunb down to truth is proof that most people in america are deeply asleep to reality. See if I were to tell you that I can fly you would say no you can't but there are many meaning to that frais I can fly. Well let's see you'd never realize first of all its a incomplet sentance. What can I fly? Well that's the thing I did not say. Is it a airplane kite hanglider toy helocopter a paper plane hum see. Yes even a pig can truly fly now adays it is no longer a joke. All one has to do is put the pig in a cage and put thatcage on an airplan and there you have it the pig flew. On a real note c miner is one and so is the N.W.O. I supose you have heard of the united nations. Hum ring and bells the world leaders congerning in confrince with the worlds affairs in mind to descuse. That un consists of seventy to eaghty percent of the world countries congerning in briton for that meeting where the affairs of the world is descused. The world leaders coming together under one comon goul. To combine the countries of the world into a infastructure that is ran under the understandings of the new world order that the world leaders in the un are conducting. Get a reality cheek if you don't understand what the un realy is and with this I leave the conperacy the nwo is said to be at the door steeps to britons queen elizabeths palace doors. For it is no consperacy but in fact reality. .

  6. slipryeel says:

    America USA The big brother of the world helping all countries in there little club but the big bully of the world for countries which are black, brown, yellow skinned, people who they say have to be terrorist, the land of the free what a load of shit

  7. rasta-seedbank for cannabis seeds. After the economic collapse the weed will be like gold 

  8. I only watch stuff like this because I'm just curious

  9. Shaun Paine says:

    BS a very proper gander

  10. What gets me is the amount of complete dumb butts posting about this video.   It is completely evident that those dumb butts have no idea what real history really is.   Stop relying on what people post on the internet.   Go get history books and read for once.  History is taught in schools to be politically correct not accurate.  Any person who has an 8th grade education can start with the history of WW1, read towards WW2, then follow the political ideals about communism leading to Korea and Vietnam.  War is ugly, fought for the right reason and fought for just as many wrong reason. 

    A simple fact of life is that more people have been killed over the history of man for the simple belief of their religion.  More have died over Christianity than for any other reason.

    And now, people are dying for political and economical reasons than religion.

    I am a Vietnam Veteran, son of a WW2 Vet, grandson of a WW1 Vet, but if my youngest son age 23 was about to be drafted, I would take his but to Canada.

    Why, because we cannot win a War because of politics and the bull crap reasons for becoming involved in a War.

    The UN should be scrapped, buried, since it is a waste of Money, time and lives.   Hasn't done anything since the Korea War, it then.

    With this said, If we are to enter into a war, it should be with the point of winning the damn War, not to reach a stale mate.

  11. tan patih says:

    welcome to world war 3 = same ending to the world, and what do you thing ?

  12. Shawn Wilson says:

    RON PAUL for President..would be best thing the world has seen since George Washington.

  13. War….War never changes….

  14. The reazon for Iraq War is quite simple. To dominate the ancient knowledge of Sumerian civilization. This is for real. And the reazon they abandoned Iraq after few years after war… They just Got all data and just quit!

  15. Bob Trask says:

    There were no WMD.  So Mr Bush witch is it were you incompetent or corrupt?  Where are the charges against him, Cheney and Rumsfeld?

  16. I trust no one in government period!

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