World War 3 Alert: Russia M.o.ves N.u.c.l.ear Warheads Near Tatishevo


Russian man photographs convey of what he says were Russian war heads head to Tatishevo. Topol-m warheads maybe. Russia seems to be preparing in the …


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  1. Get out of Palestine u are an invader

  2. shalom brother , keep up the great work

  3. Wave Dancer says:

    This guy is telling total idiotic crap! He's nothing than just a poor storyteller.

  4. more bullshit on YouTube that is more harmful then good:(

  5. It's becoming very amusing to listen to Americans speaking about war with Russia.As if USA can survive the nuclear conflict with Russia. In 24h of that war almost all citizens of USA would be vaporized.No Marvel's superheroes to save the "exceptional" USA nation.Of course Russians know that would be the end for them also.Though i really don't hear much war rhetoric from their side.So…Morons of USA who want war with Russia.You will be dead for sure if you succeed in starting war with Russia. Good luck with that.:D

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