World War 3 Alert Russia to Send Bombers in American Airspace…!!!


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  1. leos rule says:

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for doing this particular show!!! This is what I've been TRYING to get out to ppl, but no one is listening, or cares. It's sad to see my own country being the aggressor, instigator, bully and I'm helpless to stop it. Americans get upset over bullies in school or on the job but act like it's OK if their country is doing it. Now, with Trump as president willing to make peace, the 'shadow government' is doing everything to thwart that.
    Here's another good show to explain the 'shadow government'.

  2. Shan Ri Ha says:

    Stop the rot, the U.S is the world's problem, not Russia. Stop the Zionist's who have infiltrated U.S Gov. it's that puny little terrorist state of israel that's the real problem too.

  3. Fear porn channel trying to push people to the edge of sanity. You are the nwo and you don't even see it.

  4. the united states is a republic…… the NWO touch over and they say ,and are telling everybody we are a democracy. we are not supposed to be.a democracy is where states can take you constitutional rights away. land. minerals . freedoms. anybody claiming we are a democracy is NWO.has to be killed they are isis

  5. pius danial says:

    russia is trying to save usa from its own army idiots .

  6. Am I the only one that finds it disturbing, that Rupert Murdoch (Fox Broadcasting), Dick Cheney (former US Vice President), James Woolsey (former CIA Director) and Jacob Rothschild are illegally exploring for oil in the Golan Heights of Syria, under the corporate name Genie Oil and their subsidiary Afek Oil?

    Is it any wonder that Bashar al-Assad, is being demonized in the media, while Damascus and it's populous are being bombed and terrorized?

  7. Margi Noser says:

    NATO and US shall leave Europe a.s.a.p. they can play their war-games in their own country these war-criminals …

  8. Jack Smith says:


  9. Jack Smith says:

    The russian ship was on the east coast 7 to 10 days ago

  10. Jonathon Mabury – Extinction Agenda

  11. talk2me9ja says:

    These people are trying to drive America into war again.  Unbelievable.  The America people needs to wake up and not let the Zionists drive this administration into another war.

  12. America deserves to be annihilated because of the glutton elite have fucked every nation and worse the USA, Inc. Not a republic–total BULL SHIT.

  13. This is all old news

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