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  1. Emrah Sahin says:

    Hahahaha europäische ?????????
    ?OsmanlıOttomanEmpires ??
    I Love You ❤ Türkei ❤
    I Love You ? China ?
    I LoveYou ? Russland?
    Fuck Europe ? ?
    Fuck İsrail ? ?
    Fuck ABD ? ?
    Fuck Armenia ? ?
    Fuck Griehenland???
    Zuhahaha weg Idioten Europäischen Ländern terörist Faschisten Nazis
    Religion Land? ???

  2. Kovacevic is fantastic and has great knowledge, but unfortunately he wasn't briefed in Corbett's 3D chess and thinks like an academic, meaning with no possibility of getting out of the 2D mindset. This mindset is also dangerous when you see how he responds do Sibel's questions, which push him out of that mindset (Gladio B, NATO etc) and prafiessor, out on a limb, starts saying things that make you shiver like "we need an international" this and all the people that., sounding like a quasi-globalist himself. If Sibel, Corbett and all the crew could just help him out of that mindset and open his eyes to the 3D chess, then Kovacevic would become something truly great. Still, the same goes for Chomsky, and the probability of him waking up is zero, so….I don't know. It's a shame, I guess.

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