World War 3 Alert: Ukraine Assassinates DPR Commander, it’s an Act of War!


After the assassination of the Commander of the Donetsk Peoples Republic, Arseni Pavlov know as “Motorola” the leaders of the break away republic have …


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  1. Steve A says:

    Seriously Russia and China and North Korea should get together and blitz American/Israeli Mossad and western Zionists off the face of the planet and the world would be a happier place. To all the good people of America and Israel please stand up to your evil governments.

  2. Attention !!! Handling of all Ukrainian-modern, sober and adequate people, common to the entire world soobschestvu.Pozhaluysta, a huge request, help !!! I, in the face of his people, quite aware that under the influence of pressure propaganda machine of some ,, exclusive "state, with the external debt in the economy of more than 50 trillion dollars !!!!!!!!!!!!!, in this very hard to believe … But it's just so … because I was born here and I live and I have a real witness to these events … namely that: -We really captured terroristy.Nas really unichtozhayut.V Ukraine, chaos, anarchy, repression and power diktatura.Pri people with mental disorders were verified by medical dokumenntamy psihbolnits.Pod of view pseudo-patriotism in Ukraine overactive and deliberately controlled externally, ie force, develops nationalism (by the way forbidden by international conventions, under the signature the same states that it is doing), that is neofashizm.Lyudey persecuted ,, legally "and physically punished for their personal constitutional statements, by nationality, ie (anti-Semitism, chauvinism), and language … (although more than half citizens, and even the President ,, "and the government, it really did not know !!!) .Krugom Nazi swastika, the Nazi torchlight procession, fascist ridge, praising Hitler's beginnings, and so on, the destruction of any other mneniya.Nam made unbearable living conditions , exorbitant prices relative to income ,, "enterprise destroyed, the economy is collapsing, unemployment, unleashed an internal war (and civil realities), and the external enemy is why the Slavic neighbors, colleagues … We originally impoverished traveling abroad, dying out We do not have children, because it does not make sense, and that's all there is – a real genocide !!! But I swear to you, we really do not like somebody, we draw … P.S. I personally just want to live, work and raise a family … as it was before, and only 2.5 years ago …

  3. mrZone2500 says:

    Motorola was the Regioncommander of the region the Russian BUK was launched that shot down flight MH-17,you dumb twat.FSB is cleaning up,Moscow ordered his death,FSB hit squad blew him up.

  4. kahmylion2 says:

    when it comes to the cabal workers theres is no such thing as prophecy its more like a plan the religious book that they have the worlds religions read are compiled by them and their profecies are plans..

  5. OMFG, idiot americans commenting on middle eastern affairs.
    Will always get it wrong. Every fucking time.
    Idiot americans like this guy live in a fucking information vacum.
    You quote from a news source that is connected to Israel only by name and nothing more.
    It is run by a bunch of liberal imbeciles.
    They are an american based news source with a appearance of being Israeli.

    Listening to this imbecile quote from another source run by imbeciles is worse than the blind leading the blind.

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