World war 3 ALERT USA Russia’s Su 35 Super Flanker, Mystery Fighter No More


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3 Responses

  1. is there any reason in particular (other than the need for views) that u continuously repost OLD videos…. your making it really fuckin hard to find AcTual news when you do this… so please, for the sake of humanity… STOP… thank u

  2. joe McCleery says:

    Glad we're not gonna be fighting against this badass plane, since Hillary won't be leading us to war. Under Trump we might actually be fighting alongside this baby while trying to take out ISIL or Nephilim when Nibiru's Giants start flexing their anti-muscles,lol.

  3. H S K says:

    Why is it the SU family spit exhaust smoke very thick much more than other bad ass jets…

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