World War 3 and the Beginning of Sorrows – November 20th 2016


Please support the God’s Road Map to the end channel….. God has revealed incredible events that will occur in the heavens, in his Word, merely a year before …


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  1. Stive Rosen says:

    there were more than 3 wise men! there were 3 gifts but a large caravan of wise men from the east. thats why their entrance was so noticed being a group. and the gifts were held for centurys from Daniel who told them to go to messiah centurys forward. please corrects these silly christian fables. thanks.

  2. Andrew Parry says:

    makes sense… don't recall Jupiter taking a hit

  3. Keith Klein says:

    look up your redemption draweth near, jupiter birthing and collision with X fantastic show in heavens …nice work study

  4. the cutting edge 2 please

  5. The Cutting Edge 2 please let us know about the Third Temple.

  6. Here is the truth as everyone will see starting Sept 23 2017, Gods sign Rev 12 and Micah 5:3 go together, the Trib starts on Roshhashanna feast of 2017 Sept 23, per Daniel and Apostle Paul after the Trib starts and the Antichrist has identified himself shortly thereafter the rapture, 2 thess 2, as Daniel says 1290 into the Trib

  7. Caleb B says:

    I agree with this video IMO Russia and USA will start WW3 because of Syria and NATO being on Russia's borders King of the south and King of the north

  8. I couldnt get you on your Facebook link above

  9. Renee Palmer says:

    with the way the world is with greed….the antichrist could come in as a wealthy man wanting to help the world by handing out cash….how wouldn't want that?

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