World War 3 : Apocalyptic Explosion in Tianjin China / Global Markets in Crisis (Aug 16, 2015)


SOURCE: News : BOMB : China and America already war : Tianjin explosion carried out by Pentagon weapons in space …


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  1. Austin Bell says:

    **Gospel of grace 1st Corinthians 15 1-4**
    Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world
    was buried
    and rose again the 3rd day
    believe this and your saved forever (Romans 8 38-39)
    Jesus Loves you (John 3 16) all by his Grace (Ephesians 2 8-9)

  2. yulleait 2 says:

    Amazing how u put all this footage together my friend. Thank you. New sub :)

  3. MrJupiterX7 says:

    now we see Ireland , and now Australia join in turning their backs on God, and I am sure judgment will come to those countries also. because they have forgotten who Yah is and how important he is in  this creation.

  4. Av_cali says:

    Great channel! please keep it up. 

  5. can anyone confirm that what happened in China was an attack? from space or something?

  6. now just Imagine an actual nuclear bomb?! wow….

  7. Did anyone notice the HUGE demonic face in the smoke at 7:59 ?

  8. World War 3 : Apocalyptic Explosion in Tianjin China / Global Markets in Crisis (Aug 16, 2015) The End is NEAR!

  9. Nate P says:

    Ben Carson seems like an intelligent guy. no wonder I haven't heard from him or he hasn't gotten any recognition.

  10. fuckgoogle says:

    funny how the west is tossing out false dialogue—industrial explostion?  explosives—-I doubt it, that is a massive amount of explosives.

  11. Jamie J says:

    i feel like there is toxins and very large amount of people are going to die as a result of this,, hundreds of thousands maybe millions

  12. 鳥居明夫 says:

    There are other toxics than Cyanide, and they detected nerve gas, that's what the Tv news say. Scary China.

  13. Great video. It has definitely begun.

  14. Daniel G says:

    Tianjin is the victim of American sabotage. The American Army is already starting its war against China. 
    Tianjin est la victime d'un acte de sabotage américain. L'armée américaine prépare la guerre contre la Chine. 
    Tianjin es la víctima de sabotage estadounidense. El ejército estadounidense ya está iniciando su guerra contra China. 
    Tianjin ist das Opfer eines amerikanischen Sabotage-Akts. Die amerikanische Armee bereitet den Krieg gegen China vor.

  15. war is almost here prepare for we may not see another day of earth without fire and hell

  16. Smart Fuq says:

    funny how they try to destroy us with  money then we kill them with bombs, whos more violent

  17. Chee Wei Hon says:

    China is a sleeping giant, when she wakes up the world shall be shaken. Napolean Bonaparte

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