World War 3 Approaching! Where will the Price of Gold & Silver Go? – X22 Report Interview with Dave


Insiders Buy This Tiny Gold Stock, Learn More: GUEST: 01:50 Brussels Terrorist Attack, Link to Syria …


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  1. It seems like manipulation will never end! The oligarchy has the noose around our necks.
    Great information! Always a pleasure to hear Dave from the X22 report! Thank you!

  2. TOENAIL says:

    great interview. .so odd to hear Dave on the other side of the interview and not asking the questions

  3. BabylonsKing says:

    Give me a Break!!! What happened in FRANCE Boneheads, was a Fucking HOAX, not a False Flag as you two Idiots have suggested so first get your Facts down before you Reiterate another Lie Between the both of you again, Please…Do us all a favor and don't let it get out that the both of You are totally Incompetent of getting the real story of Truth for your followers and are in the Lying Scum bags corner..You guys are Propagating a LIE…Just remember that HOLLANDE IS another LYING FAGGOT like most of the Politicians of the World and I'm beginning to wonder about the both of You Two with this Story??? It Never Happened for it was a " HOAX HOAX HOAX "….Get the damn FACTS fist before you Speak !!!.

  4. AGS363 says:

    Thanks to Angela Merkel they do no longer have to use false flag attacks. Just look the other way and allow the things to happen.

  5. RED ALERT!!! DEBT COLLAPSE IMMINENT so load up on generic silver. That is the only way you'll never get any hangnails, skinned knees, hemmeroids, BO, bad weather, romantic rejection, bald head, or bad grades in school. GUARANTEED. PERIOD the freakin' end!

  6. America or their people who are in power are such fucken criminals I look forward to the day of justice wether from the hand of the lord Jesus Christ or through tools of his ,but make no mistake it will be his will that will be done, I just pray that as many innocents as possible are left on harmed.

  7. They will either rig the election or they will kill trump, mark my words.

  8. False flag, false flag, false flag….. Sure there are false flags. But are there no REAL flags? Is the black flag of ISIS photoshopped into all these exploding city-scapes?

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