World War 3 begins in 2016-2017 (Total Collapse Of The World)


Revelation 14 : 9-12 9 And the third angel followed , saying with a loud voice : If anyone worships the beast and his image , and receive his mark in …


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  1. I really hope these vids are fake… I have a shotgun (12 gauge) remington 870 and just bought 16 boxes of slugs

  2. I'm ten and I'm scared I want to hide ?

  3. P. de Vries says:

    Uploader has almost same clips for 2015…

  4. If the would going to end then it's going to end , what you need us to do , SHOT OFF the t.v or Stop eating fish fingers , or act as a bird (( SO WHAT )) – how ask for the would to start , me you they – If you heat Muslim it's fine , but you think Muslim heat you two , a real human respect others and respect what they believe and that what Islam about , respect others believes so they respect yours – if you go in desiccation with them be gentle . ( if GERMANS or any others do like Islam or Moslem socatiy no plane / but they have to tell them before, not after they arrived , it's not fair / let it be part of there constetotin

    wondering about these BAD acting people how kill enesant people or have ugly thinking and call them selfs MUSLIM , they aren't , someone out there is paying those creeps to convince the public that Islam is that.

    Islam is another believe toward appreciation of GOD – the one and the only – wither accept it or not it's your own choice.

  5. ulla gasser says:

    Yes, all we havo to do is obey – God of course. I think, World War III is behind the door. Obama is going to open it. And Trump will take over the power.

  6. Aaron Joley says:

    Ugh…can I please have my 6:48 back? What a whiner.

  7. flxhrnndz1 says:

    Come on man! every year is the same old thing. As far back as I can remember, 2000 with the whole Y2K thing. People regardless of your religion, and I do mean that openly as we are the only ones buying into this shit! No one knows the date or time!!! its in the Bible, the Quran, est… No one knows. Live life everyday as if it was your last cause thats the end of the world right there. Death is the end, not 2015-2016-2017… Relax, go for a walk and chill…

  8. Firefox Tv says:

    new world order

  9. Dave Bruce says:

    nothing will happen

  10. insomb says:

    We made it through the Blood Moon, please shut up.

  11. 2017 after Hillary becomes president

  12. There's been no signs of the world ending….

  13. alex ives says:

    lol that be good for a movie triller first 2012 mr x then part2 2015 the year of cern and now dumb wars part 3 world dumb 3 the end of or end of dumb tube.

  14. whataname01 says:

    Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil…

  15. sergiojew says:

    il-abadon 144 isreals..update now..ready restore your families..god member are not.fear cost your, son of you know already, my friends,warning from sheeper of yeshou messiah
    amen 3x messiah..efraim netanyahu

  16. sergiojew says:

    don't member about kind of 666…not do that okay..
    netayahu efraim

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