WORLD WAR 3 BEGINS | WWIII MOD | Call to Arms Gameplay


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19 Responses

  1. Phuri says:

    o7 Pad Thai

  2. o7 Australia and its kangaroo

  3. sigh cringe is real am leaving…..

  4. o7 The Philippine Pork Adobo!

  5. Rydekk says:

    o7 Rap! Mod looks really good, I'll check it out! :D

  6. sem letra says:

    Brazilian style BBQ

  7. o7 Brazil, paçoca (peanut candy)

  8. KomradeCPU says:

    o7 Brazil
    Favorite dish… good old feijoada, together with rice, cabbage salad and a nice cold pilsen beer. =D

  9. Golumbki…..Polish if you're ur wondering, beef pork rice garlic Etc, wrapped in cabbage leaves, baked in tomato soup……try it if you get a chance……

  10. " you wanna eff off" lol

  11. singapore
    fav dish:Cheese Prata

  12. Creeper Lord says:

    I m Italian and my favourite is lasagna

  13. o7 Ukrainian Borsch (on english it sounds like something german, lol)

  14. _Sparkie_ says:

    o7 from Latvia i love macaroni

  15. XDerbyX says:

    cheese factory

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