World War 3 by Steve Quayle


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  1. jeff evans says:

    news flash people you aint going to escape the tribulation,no one no matter how rich.God has had it with men and there ways.The govt's of the world have deceived so many so long as has the church.Its more corrupt than the republics they push  freedom workers for the common man.Here it is: the image of the beast is none other than the USA,the beast is the papla system and the pope is the anti-Christ.Now If Quayle new this I bet he wouldnt tell you for nothing he would write up a book all it something stupid and sell it.You got it for free.Thers alot more thats free like GODs word.Go find it your laziness will put you where you do not want to go.Believe me read scripture the truth is there and no where else annd it dont cost money people.Hurry.We are on the third WOE.

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