World War 3 Closer Than You Might Think. Michael Rivero – November 3, 2015


US election polls not what they seem . The website host : Manufactured by : .


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  1. CAngel57ful says:

    How does Mike Rivero know what really happened?

  2. 408Magenta says:

    Take in Mike Rivero's daily show (3 hours commercial free) on Ron Gibson channel.

  3. 408Magenta says:

    108Morris108 has some thoughtful insight on this Russian jet.

  4. 408Magenta says:

    Mike pulls no punches and takes no prisoners.

  5. enigma-el says:

    1950s we closer to ww3, 1980s we closer to ww3, 1999 we closer to ww3, 2001 we closer to ww3, 2008 we closer to ww3, 2013-15 we closer to ww3.  Sept we on the steps, oct, wait for it's coming,  nov. eating turkey gathering anticipation,  dec. slowly opening up x-mas presidents…..BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ww3!!!!!….wait its New years!!!!

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