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  1. Mark Daniels says:

    we both disappeared for a while lol good to see you back doing your great reports man

  2. Ryan Masters says:

    i love your videos. i feel ww3 won't happen.

  3. glad to see your back!!

  4. superjet2771 says:

    More B.S. Fact is no first world nation is going to bomb another first world nation. Its all too connected now. Fear mongering hype.

  5. John Charles says:

    LOL Ain't gonna happen anytime soon hector … You are really pushing the bullshit here dude .

  6. violeman says:

    Good points !!

  7. Keepoh says:

    ww3 won't happen stop the fear mongering this won't get you subs. How is concentrating on baseball and elections bad? It is better than your delusional fear mongering.

  8. Timothy Love says:

    By the 26th….

  9. How did you come up that China are being screwed.The Chinese has no word for "shoal". Today they still call shoal a "lake". Thats because they are land dwellers not seafarers.There is a 600 year old Chinese map that shows that the southernmost border of China is Hainan Island and nothing beyond.
    The Philippine people are seafarers from the start. They have been sailing and fishing these Spratleys Island long before they are called Spratleys. The Filipinos have named these islands long before they got English names.
    The Philippines is being screwed by China not the other way around.

  10. The Chinese Communist Party is called "super pragmatic". If you want to know why then read this four part article link;

  11. Oh shit. And I just joined the British Army. Oh well I cant leave for 4 years. Better get ready to fight now

  12. John Oon says:

    U.S. is not even a party to UNCLOS. Stupid Americans !

  13. chris dumme says:

    Can this be cancelled please as I have an appointment at the hairdressers on Wednesday?

  14. gene5594 says:

    China will wipe its ass with the racist American Jews. You can take THAT to the bank.

  15. MopSop says:

    I'll just stay in my house chilling on the internet untill I die.

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