World war 3 Declared France attacks Syria


WORLD WAR 3 2015 - Something Big Is Coming Russia & IRAN Vs USA & ISRAEL

World war 3 has started today the 16/11/2015 France attacks back in revenge for the 28 terrorist’s attacks in the city of Paris…..This are the braking news graphic destruction of Syria by bombs footage included.

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  1. Ed Butt says:

    All this belligerence by the west is very misguided, bombing will not defeat ISIS, like all guerilla forces they will melt away into the general population to regroup when the heat dies down and strike somewhere else.
    Better to leave it to Russia and Iran whose totalitarian regimes sit behind secure borders and would have no qualms about ‘neutralising’ people caught in their country on fake passports or who have no legal right or permission to be there.

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