World War 3 Documentary _ WW3 Illustrated 2015 Worst Scenario Of All Time _ SHOCKING Docum


World War 3 scenario Worst ever in 2015 _ WARNING SHOCKING Documentary HD _ WW3 Documentary World War ( World War I , or WW3 World War III ) is a …


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  1. Glad you don't think Black American Issues ARE American Issues. Guess what, since 1619-2015 even though the Name of the Land Changed the HELL Blacks who were the VICTIMS of Slavery has NOT changed. The Confederate Battle Flags did not emerge AGAIN on state capitols until 1961, Yes 1961 and the Civil Rights for Blacks Era. Those of you defending that confederate battle flag would never ever insist on flying that Nazi Flag over jews yet you insist that Blacks endure the same meaning and more heinous results than that same nazi flag.You are Cowardly, You kick the weak and the infirm to make yourselves feel stronger and proud. Dam You ALL. You cowards were so engrosed in keeping the poor selfless blacks down troden that you missed when your country was taken over by the 'rothchilds,rockefellers,warburgs and loads more that loved you LESS than they loved Negroes'. Like I said, You and Your ilk are cowards. That war you are preparing for will last a lot less than you could possibly imagine, ie it is already over and you already lost. ALL of you will bow down to the power that is Israelites, and that ain't those Khazars neither!

  2. igor stein says:

    We are already in WW111 against Evil Islam but the World leaders will not admit this because of Oil

  3. Hey don't care do not go listen to a piece of paper they are still going to shoot nukes over here !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Zaps Zapper says:

    Wakey wakey Mr Larouche it wasn't the British who carried out 9 11' nor the Musliums, Somebodies blew those buildings. It must be an inside job. Someone stood down air defence, it wasn't the British. How about a false flag, Someone paid those shrills. Somebody attacked Afganistan, Iraq, for what exactly.what. Think about who benefits, follow the money, how about MI6' CIA, Mossad, How about a reason to increase debt, who benefits from debt, ITS THE FED, ITS THE BANKERS, ITS THE ROTHCHILDS, etc its defence contractors, who is planning to enslave us.?

  5. Ronnie Mead says:

    STUPID, President Obama does not call the shots, the FAT BANKERS do.

  6. First of all every president since the one who signed a deal with the fake jews to print the money for the United States of America has been a puppet, second no one can stop what our heavenly father Yahuah has set in motion, a 400 year prophecie is almost up and our heavenly father Yahuah is preparing to bring a small remnant of his only son YSRYAL back home, an the elite of this world know that, it is just a large majority of the ignorant people of this world who don't know or refuse to recognize the true children of YSRYAL. 

  7. Marco Cota says:

    Lyndon Larouche is the Father of Old School Thinking. Today Anyone with an understanding of the fast moving new age system would not waste a second on Larouche. Even if Israel did attack Iran, the worst that would happen is simply just that. There will never be an Nuclear war involving anyone over that. To move forward into his Truly Worst case scenario, there is nothing further from the truth. Even if Putin Invaded Ukraine, and North Korea invaded South Korea the same day, it will be limited to that. Economically, believe it or not the world would experience a short term hiccup but a long term gain. Ukraine would fall but South Korea would then be in charge once and for all, of all of the North. I have neither the space here nor the time to discuss the rest, but the truth is Larouche has a hidden agenda. He should go home, once and for all.

  8. kim weaver says:

    Pinhead.  Go hide under a rock, where you are most comfortable.

  9. Aaron B says:

    "A president who intends to be re-elected"…what a boob. This wacko has supporters outside my office with signs depicting Obama with a Hitler mustache. Total crackpot, as are those who actually listen to this guy.

  10. pj tavares says:

    is this guy fucked or what , is he on medication or is it his age ,

  11. Vic Tanev says:

    i thought life is all about getting enlightened, and live in peace and harmony, talking about wars, and creating fights that was in childhood, as children playing war games, i think that all that talk about wars, hate,anger, jealousy ,greed are still frozen in space and time in their childhood. …wake up…

  12. Vic Tanev says:

    i think there is contradiction there, people are worrying about human kind and that's why they are trying to get to Mars, what a excuse, there is epidemics in the world, diabetics,cancer, obesity,etc, try solving those problems first and ease the pain on human beings that why instead of running away to Mars …

  13. Who is this guy talking to. Is there an audience sitting in front of him ?. This  is very weird. Who does he keep looking at ?. What he is saying is quite interesting, somewhat disturbing.

  14. clark taylor says:

    This man is not fit to be an American   He is one of the fattest bankers of all do you trust him?  About as far as I could toss his 300lb bulk.  I would like to say he is a hypothetical fool but there is nothing hypothetical about it.  He should sell used cars. CT

  15. Davey Dee says:

    Comparing Nero to Obama? that's going way too far

  16. Other than being a good antidote to insomnia, it lost me when he said this is all coming from the United Kingdom..

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