World War 3 Draws Near


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  1. I cannot wait, we anglo s WASP s will teach the Asian and Russia Scunthorpe a lesson not to mess. We British ruled and have experience in war, China never had war 

  2. The Russ Ian and BRICs are all scum , we Anglos will teach them a lesson to not mess with the white Anglo WASP. Britain ruled the world and it shall soon rule

  3. You already know that WW3 is currently forming. All of this is happening exactly as foretold in the Bible. The secret government is betraying us and soon, probably this year, nukes will fly. I've got to go with investing in Jesus. All of this is going to happen, but we have the Millennium to look forward to.  

  4. Russia and America have been planning fir ww 3 since the 1950s. Russians are liars and backstabbers, you think America is corrupt…then you don't know what corrupt is compared to Russia.

  5. Ww3 is not near, we are living in one of the most peaceful times in humanity ever. Nothing will ever be perfect and there will always be power struggles. I feel far away from hiding in a bunker with canned goods and silver coins to ride out the nuclear fallout.

  6. Robert Olson says:

    seeing California is out of water within a year.. food in America just got a lot more expensive.. watering 80 million illegals plus 40 million of there offspring is taking its effect… USA population is growing to fast for the needed infrastructure..

  7. Robert Olson says:

    I can't wait to see the water riots

  8. Watch Thomas P.M. Barnett's 'The Pentagons New Map"  Its like, yea if this were the reality, but its not and he is oblivious to the Jewish international money control, basically the looting of America. How can this guy, who has the attention of the pentagon, be so blind?

  9. fomalhaut says:

    If the US goes to war against a major combatant it will lose. Its population is demoralized, its leadership hopelessly corrupt, and its cohesion as a community broken. America's enemies know this and are growing bolder.

  10. As always, so well put, Fabian.  You're the man!

  11. xtop23 says:

    I really hope cooler heads prevail. If our government has been totally co-opted, as I suspect it has, it's going to have to get really ugly before the citizenry will stand up and change our direction as a nation.

    I'm not a Putin fan but ….. when our government gives him the moral high ground ….. what are ya gonna say? 

    Our foreign policy / strategy is HORRIBLY inept and exceedingly dangerous.

  12. Eric Carney says:

    I'm still waiting for the dollar collapse that was predicted back in 2010 on this channel. 

  13. TREX LEX says:

    Dont worry Americans im sure the U.S has so advance tech that not one NUKE will land on U.S SOIL.  LOL 

  14. Rob Rocket says:

    Read: "Red Storm Rising" by Tom Clancy.

  15. David G says:

    WW3 STARTED already, on 9/11.  The third ottoman war.  WE ARE IN IT NOW!

  16. michaeldoit says:

    Why worry if ww3 kicks off we are all gone made extinct .There's fuck all we the people can do about it.

  17. My opinion on what Mr. X said about the military supplies going to Vietnam is that it was for the French military.

  18. KD Daniels says:

    bath house barrys going to kill more americans than putin !!

  19. Be Good says:

    Look what Obama started putting his nose at places where that don't don't concern him.He open a big can of worms up.He got Russia and China mad at us. WWW3 is near. Not Ak 47s… Nukes…Only the selected ones gets to go underground when the nukes comes.

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