World War 3 – Episode 5 Part 2


On second part of this weeks show, it’s still WAR! We’re talking World War 3! We’re discussing what the aftermath of world war 3 might look like. What new …



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  1. 911 never happened the Buildings are still there and big brother has hypnotized us to believe they are gone. The entire 911 attack was an imaginary event, that is why they "sent" all the steel to china, because if it sayed here we would naturally want to know what that material was used to make. George W bush is the same person as H.W. Bush, they use the sake CG method to make him look younger as they did for Robert Downey Jr. in Civil War. On that Note Chris Evans Is the real Captain America, and the real tony stark has Downe Jr. super imposed over top of him in post. We are told that these are "just Movies" but its all real!!!!!

    Love this show Eric is a lot of fun and Everett please dont get pulled into the land of the conspiracy, 85% f what you see on the news is real, the rest is believed to be real by those who report it. from 2001 till 2006, I believed in every conspiracy out there, except illuminati, Then I started to read things. Math text books, two on fluid dynamics, a few on chemistry and records of all the various steel framed buildings across the world that collapsed due to fire. Mulder is right, The truth is out there, but it is dull. The guest this week seems to buy any conspiracy he hears, and he is pro Putin, so in my view he is nuts but I enjoy hearing from that side as well, even though I feel bad for them

  2. Nuclear Fallout will stay for thousands of years look at the half life of the chemicals contained in fallout, in the 60's the govt expected a shelter needed to last at least 20 generations, If the Cuban Missile crisis went different, they would still just be getting used to the shelters, not getting ready to leave them.

  3. Use of chemical weapons in the Syrian Civil War has been confirmed by the United Nations. The deadliest attacks were the Ghouta attack in the suburbs of Damascus in August 2013 and the Khan al-Assal attack in the suburbs of Aleppo in March 2013. Several other attacks have been alleged, reported and/or investigated.

    A U.N. fact-finding mission and a UNHRC Commission of Inquiry have simultaneously investigated the attacks. The U.N. mission found likely use of the nerve agent sarin in the case of Khan Al-Asal (19 March 2013), Saraqib (29 April 2013), Ghouta (21 August 2013), Jobar (24 August 2013) and Ashrafiyat Sahnaya (25 August 2013). The UNHRC commission later confirmed the use of sarin in the Khan al-Asal, Saraqib and Ghouta attacks, but did not mention the Jobar and the Ashrafiyat Sahnaya attacks.

    The UNHRC commission also found that the sarin used in the Khan al-Asal attack bore "the same unique hallmarks" as the sarin used in the Ghouta attack and indicated that the perpetrators likely had access to chemicals from the Syrian Army's stockpile.

  4. Guest and Eric really think America can be conquered? barack is a good guy, and recently I have started to See Ted Cruz as a good guy, Trump wants you afraid

  5. If Islamist have children in america their kids will be americanized more than not, just like has always happened

  6. Guest lives in fear

  7. If only Eli can read it, Than it says whatever he says it does. Just like your priest or pastor claims

  8. Superman have good aim

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