World War 3: ET’s and The Mark of The Beast


What is World War 3 really ? Who is behind it? When will it start? Find the point of view of Ra Imhotep in this video .


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  1. Angel Hami says:

    truth is stranger than faction! bro.

  2. Im hidden says:

    this was a very informative video. Ram Hotep, I would like to ask you a few questions about this. What can be done if a person is deceived into accepting this chip? Say a person has received the mark of the beast, and does not want it. What now? 

  3. You are right and brillant and eloquent and telling it like it is! Keep it up!!!

  4. checkeraka47 says:

    Great, and powerful video! Keep up the great work brother. Stay vigilant, stay humble 

  5. Big Island Hawaii…persecution of anyone exposing crime. Robots everywhere, agents too. Creepy as all get out,
     Reptillians everywhere, especially churches.

  6. I have come into contact with alien forms, more than [email protected]!#$ is real..not only that..I am persecuted by them.

  7. One guys eyes changed to yellow with slits, right before me!!! Seen the shadows too, and THE DESTROYER. [email protected]!#$%^# sane! I follow the commandments, and keep an open eye. I pray.

  8. V77 Scorpio says:

    Dude u are a powerful speaker. Keep it up 

  9. CJ Sesh says:

    they already started putting the RFID Chip on the right hands of people .. 

  10. CJ Sesh says:

    facts though bro u speakin facts man people call me crazy all the time.. blind mfs

  11. jack michal says:

    what's that foto above your head?

  12. You're not crazy! I was just thinking the other day after reading an article about how ISIS is destroying ancient cities in Iraq that that was the goal of this all of a sudden 'terrorist group'. This was done with the Taliban as well. There is something there that someone doesn't want known. Like your videos

  13. Terry Moline says:

    There is peace so unbelievable and I know its true. Before your last breath just say jesus or what ever you want to call him he doesn't care he knows . You are so smart yet blinded. The thuth is about to be reviled who's the master. You are much smarter to believe and to be wrong as not to believe and be wrong. You see there is nothing to lose. It's the devil that wants you to lose. The path is very wide but the GATE is narrow.

  14. The bible predicted this….don't tell me aliens wrote the bible because why would they tell you about their plans before hand????

  15. I had sleep paralysis a few times and saw a demon and write when I said Jesus help me the experience was over.

  16. Mike Smith says:

    I am very impressed by your knowledge and awareness. I can tell you are truly enlightened. I agree with all you share and I often desire to reflect some of your beliefs and draw attention to key concepts. I am fully capable of reading the akasha. I am currently living a principal life. I would like to share with you more of your past lives.

  17. man I just cant get on board when you talk about having to go to physical war. I stopped boxing because i could feel the drain on my spirit. im not gonna take up arms against someone because that is of the flesh. you can kill this body but Gods spirit is in me. done. this beast system has nothing on a man. if you perceive through the plane of existence. ultimately they can't control to the level they want to control. sure they may dominate your mind and the worlds resources but it is still of God. besides, prophecy declares the NWO structure wont survive. its in the natural rhythm of the cosmos. all is in good hands. God is in everything.

  18. Marcus Del says:

    I think the aliens are fallen Angels. They will land one day and claim to our creators and the whole world will bow to them. Meanwhile, anyone who believes in Christ will be killed.

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