World War 3/ European war Simulator (Not Realistic)



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  1. zafukz says:

    Nice war man! 😀

  2. violeman says:

    Very Interesting !!
    You could be on to something !!
    Keep up the good work !!

  3. Thanks dude, really nice to hear this (:

  4. CaptainRay says:

    You have clearly not done your research. Not trying to be offensive here but this simulation is very unrealistic. However, I am always glad to see new ideas, and the way you made your simulation was very good. Please make more videos, I have some ideas for you on your next simulation. Give me your email address and i would send it to you. 🙂

  5. If you have read the first side in this video you know that I didnt want this to be realistic, so ye, it isnt. I'm currently working on a war involving almost the entire world, but you're ideas is more than welcome 🙂 My email:

  6. CaptainRay says:

    Thanks, I'm currently trying to find that file, I might have to make a new one. But it might not be for a while, I'm busy with work right now.

  7. What is total war? O.o

  8. Tom Marchesi says:

    NU thats pretty cool… 2013: MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!! hehe just kidding 😀

  9. Sadly yes, but let's hope this will never happen i real. And I think this is too unrealistic to do that xD

  10. lol… Why just these?

  11. dafuq? So you're like 4000 years old….?

  12. All I want to say about that is: omg..

  13. Yad Yassin says:


  14. StormFlight says:

    i like how sweden & norway is too involved in this , not too many simulations have that 🙁 keep it up 🙂 ,

  15. PendulumFTW says:

    Ireland would have preferred to stay with NU than unite with UK again

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