World War 3 – Far Cry 4 – Survival


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  1. ETH HTE says:


  2. I have been waiting for this one video ever since you made the map man finally

  3. DarkKai 33 says:

    Great map bro !

  4. SaiyanRivals says:

    Alex have you heard about SSJ4 Gogeta, Omega Shenron and Demigra are going to be in Xenoverse? They released Demigras design it looks nothing like the fan made one

  5. gunz jones says:

    When u said omg it sounded like,that dude on the dancing vine

  6. Hey Unreal, please play FAR CRY 4 Campaign, I love the map editor, and ever since you did it on fc3, I loved it, but I play the campaign too. Thx!

  7. Xone 308 says:

    Yes finally we get to see this in action 

  8. Invasive Exterminate its a map I madde, I know I've said it four times, but maybe you didn't see it before. Its an assault map and would love it if you played it. Thanks dude

  9. You should put animals. Put one I a cage or somethung and let it out when you need it

  10. Alex 3 new manga chapters for Dragon Ball Z are being made!!!! Story by Akira Toriyama but a different artist!!!!! 

  11. Play my "Wyofuji" map! I want to get your opinion :)

  12. PineappleZ says:

    Play The Standoff, hard but hard fun map, I created it :P

  13. Dani DBE says:

    so funny to see when u are playing lmao! :)

  14. LeoMG C says:

    you're really cazy came down man is just a game

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