World War 3 fears, Russian nuke bombers mysterious maneuverer off Scotland


October 06, 2016 – Two Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack bombers – the largest combat plane in the world – were caught flying back and forth between Spain and …


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  1. ŹÈÚŠ says:

    nukes are pointless.

  2. It takes two –
    Drop a nuke on the Canaries and Yellowstone and America's are no more ! .
    The Canarie island Tsunami would flood half of Europe dissabling most of the NATO forces and displacing Millions .
    Yellowstone would stop aircraft movements and create starvation and displace Millions .
    The Canaries Tsunami would flood / wipe out the East coast ports / military bases and destroy the refineries .Wiping out the major cities and disrupting Government .
    The scenario's of a nuclear war all take into account the use of underground bunkers , Never do they include a 300ft high wall of water covering everything upto 100 miles inland .
    Got a bunker in your yard ! How long is your snorkel pipe for air flow ? .
    And as both the volcanic area's are currently showing signs of movement , Now would be an opportunistic time to make a move .
    Why bother with the bombers , they are just a show of force .

  3. Mary – The Russians are just poking other NATO nations not to follow the e-dicks of the Great Half-White Obombya, and his band of merry men.

  4. There won't be a nuke-war. Each party knows the consequences!

  5. renasmile says:

    Russia flew the bombers to give everyone a warning that they will not take any crap from the USA.

  6. russia testing its rediness, nato and allied response, timing. also to make an example.
    moscow has only 11/12million pop. the 'drill' is to test evacuation for 40/million, and an added 12million. russian pop is aprox/150million.
    divide russian pop into three groups, old, middle aged, and children.
    52/million is about 1/3 of russian pop. russia plans to survive.
    the worlds economy is a mutual survival, or destruction. the world leaders have chosen destruction. what we see is the begining of the end of staus quo.
    un/nwo has decided world is overpopulated. russia, and others dont agree.
    a 'first' strike will happen. the mind set of nuclear weapons as a deterant has morphed into a first strike, devestate to win mind set.
    in hiroshima, flowers began to bloom in just a few months. cherynobil came back to life, and radiation levels dropped hundreds of years before what scientists theoryized.
    today, the leaders dont see the long lasting, total devestation and permanent effects of the use of nuclear weapons. there is a lack of respect. however, the mass use of these weapons instead of isolated usage, is two very different situations.
    because a deadly 'first strike' can now be accomplished, with little to no warning, and leaders believing this is an acceptable practice, its only a matter of time before this happens.
    the trust is all but a didtant memory. all sides know and see the preperation for just such future attacks.
    today, commercial airliners can carry any number of nukes on supposed international flights, and withen an hour, anhilate and adversary. no warning, no notice, no ability to evacuate, or use bunkers.
    how to defeat an adversary with bunkers? hit them as I have explained. all the bunkers in the world would not help.
    the age of retaliation, mutual destruction, is over. that is what kept the peace. now, its gone.
    If I am in error, please tell me how.

  7. Belt King says:

    There will be trillions made and more power distributions during this next cold ar and arms race. It has been very costly for all of the efforts to dismantle the Arab nations. And it's about to get kicked up a notch. There will be no nuclear war.

  8. ladytess57 says:

    Obama's hell bent on starting a war to keep from having to give up his throne (Whitehouse) God help all of us Americans and Russians alike. These men in power are insane!

  9. im from the uk,,we should blow them up if they keep entering uk air space.

  10. Maybe this is Russia's way of saying our penis is bigger than yours and we know how use it. While the US keeps stumbling around and missing their "targets" leaving nothing but a "empty mess". Then they turn around and lie about how good they are at what they're doing. Sorry, I just had to go there! lol

  11. L Gree says:

    My cell phone and Internet was out of service for hours. My son came by to check on me. I wasn't even aware. Very strange. Keep looking up. Blessings ?

  12. Photoscots1 says:

    they've been flying over scotland for decades

  13. Ken Karnes says:

    What is wrong with the obama administration?!!! What, they can't destroy us with their financial, medical, environmental, and every other program they've touched?!  He just wants to destroy the USA, so now he goes and kicks The Bear.

  14. ww3 is a rumor of war…it will be far far worse than ww3 when it really kicks off. it doesnt really get good until seals, trumpets are actually going off in full force.                          you will know for sure when the seals and trumpets are in full effect when a mountain is cast into the sea causing a huge amount of destruction(see seals 1-2 and trumpets 1-2)…it will wreck a good chunk of the world, its ships, ect and then you will see THE antichrist, not just another antichrist,  appear and come in peacefully(during the 5th/6th seal/trumpet) saying he is trying to help the world from all this chaos even though he will be waging war world-wide he will say it is for the greater good of uniting the world and removing the people who would stop this new utopia.  generally people will buy it like they buy the lies of politicians even now knowing our system is wholly corrupted.. he will appear to die and be risen copying Christ he will then go into the temple of God and declare himself to be God and make all worship him or his image and take the mark or be put to death. do not take the mark…then comes the vials just after Jesus removes the last of the remnant from the world as he did with enoch as he did with eli, just as the two witnesses are called up in front of the world too. once this happens and they who took the mark see Jesus coming they will hide themselves in the dens and caves to no avail. Jesus is the only way.

  15. URGENT FACT!— World War 3 is on our doorstep and you are about to be
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  16. Kolin Evans says:

    can you link to the Sweden joins NATO source ? while they may have binding agreements i don't think Sweden is a NATO member presently.

  17. Lee Love says:

    we the people my a_ _.
    Ur vote will not do a thing.wake up .

  18. Hi MARY… Can you please tell me your email? I have something for you, it's important! Thank you GBY

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