World War 3 – GBTV


Glenn explains the global conflict is being fought right now .


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  1. 007ygrlgo says:

    Ha HA. Obama has done some good things, but f#@k'd up 10 times more along with the do nothing congress. And he is, a hell of a good speaker; but all talk.. ALL. Obama and others, want more government, more taxes, socialism( which will bring this country way down), healthcare plan that congress votes on without reading? IRS control national healthcare, why? Government cannot even control fraud in Medicare and Medicaid. Can't seem to cut non-needed govt..postal friends? cut many after elections.

  2. you are from afghanistan and wipe your ass with your right hand

  3. 1000frolly says:

    Gas is $7-20 a gallon here in Australia; how lucky you are in America!

  4. trkrla 51 says:


  5. Mak Tek says:

    "can't remember greece or italy, here i'm standing at some embassy – don't know which"

    lol, what a joke

  6. Jamicaman516 says:

    and yet 18 months or so later, and still no caliphate or ww3.

  7. Marky Mark says:

    9:10 Oil is coming from Ukraine and Russia, not from Greece and Turkey. :D

  8. plsniper says:

    9:13 what? Baltic? Need some lessons in geography? LOL

  9. Daniel D says:

    This Glenn Beck liar said that Poles had murdered Jews during WWII on the radio !!! You AMERICAN liar, how dare you ! SHAME to USA !!!

  10. World War 3 will NEVER happen. We will either make peace with one another, or nuclear weaponry will wipe out the human race. There is no option for a simple war without atom bombs.

  11. World War 3 – GBTV
    MercuryOneMemphis 81,144 views
    Uploaded on Feb 20, 2012Glenn explains the global conflict being fought right now.

  12. Fuck Britian and France, these are liars and cold snakes of the world!
    The white war mongering thieves!

  13. ixaxex says:

    Eres incapaz de arreglar problemas sociales y vas a poder arreglar lo qe te viene shit prohibido nadies te dio confianza metete la lengua en el culo verguenza page my life long abusivo hijo de la gran puta

  14. should I swear that I bumped my head to the wall when he said israel is being attacked?

  15. Those who think WW3 won't come are as foolish as those who thought WW2 wouldn't happen! The Middle East is always in a state of turmoil, Russia is a powder keg waiting to blow, and China is a electronic powerhouse looking to unite with their Russian counterparts. A spark starts a forest fire. Don't think for one second we're safe from war!

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