World War 3 GTA 4 Edition


Obviously, we use mods in this video but is for a pupose. Suggestions made by SGT Trolling and AARONTHEGAMER99. we use mods just tp entertain you …


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  1. Jelle Simons says:

    Lower your voice it made me deaf

  2. i tried my best to lower it so that everyone can hear it

  3. hacker damn play lagit

  4. U shouldny have used hacks if u played normal it really would been fun and if u had more people

  5. I know but the thing is that the mods make more interesting w/ air strike and stuff like that. Plus I can't take away the mods at that time

  6. mike sitton says:

    teach me how to pick the weapons like that please

  7. Dun dun duuun
    I see you.

  8. edward dyson says:

    what is that sond in the back grond?

  9. I didn't like this at all…

  10. who the hell did you do that bro???

  11. this the  type of vid i want to to see

  12. ………………NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. natesdevices says:

    i smell aspergers.

  14. Nebbins04 says:

    world war one
    world war two

  15. ananabdeB says:

    These guys are the cool modders cause they don't join random lobbies and do this stuff

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