World War 3 has started, but most of you don’t know it yet


by Rob Daven
Jungle Apocalypse

If your a regular visitor around here, you’ll notice that I have posted a bunch of articles and videos relating to my belief that World War 3 was right around the corner.

Last week, it started.

Many of you have heard that a water treatment center in Illinois was hacked, causing a pump to burn out.  Of course, Department of Homeland Security came out and said “No, it was not hacked, it was a malfunction!”.   Though if you read the statements provided by the employee’s at the water system, it sure sounded like someone had figured out a way to change the speed of the motor, causing it to burn out.  They had also said that it was hacked by a computer in Russia.

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This sudden backtracking should be a clear sign that something serious is happening behind closed doors.

To top it off, information was released stating that China had hacked into US Satellites over the last few years, never causing damage but just “looking around”.  It seems that the Chinese are very interested in the cyber workings of United States systems.

Then we had the famous “Porn on Facebook” attack.  This was originally labeled a “Virus” but after inspecting the hack, I found that it was much more serious than most believed.   Then hack-tivist group, Anonymous, claimed responsibilty for the attack.   In a video posted in late October, they claimed that they would hack Facebook on November 5th which was the same day the hack started making its rounds on Facebook.

Now I can’t be certain which side controls Anonymous, I do know that they seem to have quite a presence in old Soviet bloc countries.

Today I was floored by the video below.  You may have seen the story on Drudge that talked about the Russian’s repositioning their missile systems on NATO’s missile defence system.  Enable subtitles by clicking “CC” if you can’t speak Russian.


As well, Russia and the US are positioning for a power play in Syria.  Russia has sent warships, and the Americans have started to move naval assets to the region.

All this as the US also prods its NATO stick at the Chinese by upping its military deployments in the region.  Hang on, were about to go nuclear!

Can’t get enough?   Check out what Clyde Lewis has to say:


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Prepare For Armageddon

6 Responses

  1. Conan the Destroyer says:

    Russians cannot be trusted.

    However America has shown to be a war mongerer, hungry for petrol …

  2. Ahmed says:

    Love Michael Cooks comment. Very true and succinct!

  3. Michael Cook says:

    I have said in many of my comments over many years that we are all watching the Terminal Decline of a corrupt global, financial, political and religious system. It is now blatantly obvious that is true. There is no solution, only to survive, as the rest of the brainwashed and deceived majority will only wake up when it is to late, and they will only wake up when their bellies become as empty as their bank accounts. We have many wars taking place NOW. Drug wars, financial wars, trade wars, race wars, religious wars, global Mafias, global people trafficking, global piracy, cyber wars, credit card, bank account and identity fraud on a global scale, and WE ARE LOSING THEM ALL. The sheeple are still asleep living in their dream world because they cannot face up to the real one. The real world is coming to THEM. Yes world war three has already started.

  4. Ali Adams says:

    This is simply incredible!

    The Russian President is seriously preparing his county men for the invetible war.

    Please read my 2012 findings [] of 31 events that will shape our world beyond recognition.

    Buy seeds, knife, fire starter, and be ready for living in the wild for few days at a time.
    Peace to those who deserve it.

    Ali Adams
    God > infinity

  5. CATFISH says:


  6. GJS says:

    I must say after seeing the above video I hope common sense prevails & NATO/US stops this needless harrassment of Russias borders, the US in particular should remember how they felt about the Cuban missile crisis which was no different.
    Over the last decade we in the west have been the biggest threat to world peace if we are being totally honest with ourselves.
    I don’t suggest that Russia is perfect by any means but people must understand that they are only reacting in the same way we would, there is nothing more dangerous than a strong adversary being or feelng cornered, this is when the smallest of accidents can quickly get out of control.
    This is one dispute we can surely overcome with just a little effort, I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot we would want the same.

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