|WORLD WAR 3| HOI 4 Modern Age Mod as Islamic Mexico Part 4


We shall defeat Trump… First we shall build his wall… But somehow it shall be filled with explosives… We shall bring Jihad to America… Bring down the infidels! We shall be everything Trump hates… Mexican and Islamic… We shall tear down his wall!


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  1. Lol Albania lost agianst Kosovo cool

  2. Islamic State joins NATO (leaded by Donald Fucking Trump)
    9-11 is not existed in this reality

  3. that's unbolivable

  4. "Islamic State joins NATO." This proves that the Islamic terrorist are secretly made by the USA and that 9/11 was a inside job. Lol.

  5. 2:45 The Islamic State joins NATO ??

  6. Germany started wwlll, not a big surprise, and now instead of Jews its islamist

  7. Kiwlo says:

    This is part 4 not 3

  8. YinkleHammer says:

    "The Islamic State joins NATO" Amazing

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