World War 3 if it Started Dec 2014


See the final : .


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  1. Jan Orbos says:


  2. Belgium got threathed by isis, america, help

  3. WTF Turkish plane has ben lost in december 2014 dafuqqqq after this video

  4. That moment you realise ww 1 has started by killing 1 person

  5. The great m8 says:

    Good video! 😉

    Very reasonable concept!

    1. Russian forces come to Novorossiya.
    2. Russian agression on Western Ukraine,
    3. Ukraine delcares war on Russia.
    4. NATO builds defensive power in Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary
    5. After 1 month of fight, Ukraine surrenders.
    6. Russian Agression on Moldova
    7. Moldova surrenders
    8. NATO warns Russia.
    9. Russia unites with CIS members as one country because of "Danger of Agression at them"
    10. Azerbaijan declares Neutrallity and leaves CIS.
    11. Russian agression on Finland
    12. Finland want support at fight
    13. Swedish and Norwegian voulounteers help Finland.
    14. Finland surrenders
    15. Russia Invades Sweden
    16. Sweden surrenders without fighting
    17. Russian Agression on Norwegia (NATO member)
    18. NATO declares war on Russia.
    19. Chinese agression at the Taiwan
    20. NATO declares war on China
    21. Taiwan surrenders
    22. Norwegia surrenders after 2 months of fight
    23. Russia invades Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia
    24. Slovakia surrenders without fighting
    25. NATO countries from North America and Australia send some fighters to Invaded countries.
    26. Russian agression at Alaska (USA teritorie)
    27. US Army is coming back from Europe, Afghanistan and Iraq to fight Russia.
    28. China invades Indonesia
    29. Indonesia surrenders without fighting.
    30. China invades Philipinnes
    31. After 2 weeks of fight Philipinnes surrenders.
    32. China Invades Malesia and Papua New Guinea
    33. Papua NG surrenders after 3 days of fight
    34. Malesia surrenders after month of fight
    35. North Korea, China and Russia invades South Korea.
    36. South Korea surrenders after 1 month of fight and becames part of North Korea
    37. China, North Korea and Russia invades Japan.
    38. Japan surrenders after 2 months of fight
    39. Russia invades Denmark by Naval Desant.
    40. Denmark surrenders without fight
    41. Russia invades Holland
    42. Holland surrenders after 1 week of fight
    43. Russia Invades Scotland
    44. In Scotland "Scottish Insurgent Army" has been created and supported by Russians
    45. Scotland becames fascist sattelite of Russia
    46. Royal Army try to re-conqueor Scotland, but they lose.
    47. Ireland join Axis
    48. Ireland invades Northern Ireland
    49. Scotland and Russia supports Ireland.
    50. Romania surrenders after 5 months of fight
    51. Serbia re-unites with Montenegro
    52. Serbian-Montenegran agression at Bosnia-Herzegowina
    53. Bosnia-Herzegowina surrenders after 2 days of fight
    54. Greece invades FYRO Macedonia
    55. Greece is kicked from NATO and EU.
    56. Greece join the Axis.
    57. Serbia and Montenegro together with Greece invades Kosovo.
    58. Kosovo is re-united with Serb-Mont
    59. Serbia and Montenegro invades Croatia
    60. Russia supports Serbia and Montenegro
    61. Croatia is defeated after 2 weeks of fight
    62. Serbia and Montenegro changes Country name to "Federation of Yugoslavia"
    63. FY and Russia invades Slovenia
    64. Slovenia surrenders after 4 days of fighting.
    65. Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Guyanna, Dominikana, Cuba, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Equador, Uruguay, Paraguay and Spain creates "Spanish Empire"
    66. Spain join the Axis, and quit EU and NATO.
    67. Alaska after almost a year of time is defeated
    68. Russia invades Canada
    69. Quebec citizens create "Army of Quebec"
    70. Canada is defeated in 1 month of fighting and Quebec becames Russian Sattelite state.
    71. Spanish Empire, China, Russia and Quebec invades United States
    72. Meanwhile in Europe Russia attacks Belgium
    73. Belgium is defeated, but Europe is not over yet.
    74. All of Baltic States are defeated.
    75. Poland and Hungary are signs truce, with Russia because there are many victims.
    76. Russia attacks Czech Republic.
    77. Czech Republic is defeated in two days.
    78. Russia attacks Germany!
    79. Meanwhile in North America. Maine, New Hampshire, Massacheusets, Connecticut, Rhode Island,  and Vermont are conqueored by Russia. Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Cansas, Colorado, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesotia, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana are occupied by Quebec. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho and Washington are occupied by Spanish Empire. Other States of USA are still fighting.
    80. Russians are under Berlin
    81. Quebec and Russia invades France
    82. France is now in Union with Quebec.
    83. Portugal unites with Brazil.
    84. India enters war. 
    85. India invades Pakistan and Afghanistan.
    86. Russia, India, Brazil/Portugal, Quebec/France, China, North Korea, Yugoslavia and Greece starts "Operation Crusade" – they attack every country, that main religion is Islam.
    87. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Syria, Liban and Kuwait are defeated in 4 months.
    88. UEA, Bahrayn, Oman and Yemen are defeared  1 week later.
    89. Saudi Arabia is defeated in 3 months.
    To be continued…

  7. all fear mongering, if any of this happens for real, nothing is gonna save you especially gold and silver which is what most of these end of the world videos want you to do is go and buy gold and silver, LOL, cash is king people why do they discount your ass so much when you want t osell your gold back to them? if dollars fiat currency is soooo bad and you dont want to be in cash why dont they discount you so much again do some critical thinking for a change stop buying into end of the world B.S. yes things are going to change but it will be a beautiful thing, not what the dearmongers are telling you, the elites and NWO are going down that is what you must be happy about

  8. Astto Scott says:

    China sends 20,000 troops into Australia just like that unopposed… Stupid fucking yanks always assuming you are the only military power in the world, we have an Air Force, Navy and Army for a reason! Ever heard of the Australian Defense Force? Believe me, if those gooks even reach Australian soil they would need a far larger force to take on Australia, the logistics costs alone would be insane. Because anything less then 250,000 troops won't do a damn thing.

  9. GMSP says:

    Everyone knows all of this is fake, USA Invade Syria? That will not happen

  10. It is childish, I say, to believe that our good intentions will save us from Chinese and Russian atomic bombs. It is childish to believe that our good intentions will shield us from the next wave of Islamic terrorism. Have we become so weak, and so utterly naïve, as to believe that the meek have now inherited the earth, and that the ruthless lust for power is a thing of the past? The lust for power was, after all, the romance of the mass murderers of history. It was the romance of the Persian kings and of Alexander the Great. It was the romance of G. Julius Caesar and most of those who succeeded him. Oh yes, history is a dismaying subject, filled with evil deeds done for the sake of power. Have you not read of the severed head and hands of the Roman statesman Marcus Cicero, nailed to the Rostra in the Forum Romanum? And was not Cicero’s executioner the military tribune Popilius, who was once defended by Cicero’s eloquence in a court of law? And was not the betrayer of Cicero handed over to Cicero’s ex-wife, who forced the man to cut off and eat roasted pieces from his own body?

  11. Theziz8 says:

    You can't not talk about Hezbollah/Lebanese Gov and Israel.

  12. awesome1273 says:

    "Republican controlled congress" is this a shot saying democrats are too weak to declare war or republicans are war mongers?

  13. THE Day AFTER our fictional date march 8th of "US to invade #Venezuela" US declares them national security threat see @5:46– REAL LIFE:

  14. Eh…look how Cuba-US turned out.
    Any new predictions?

  15. This is fail,baba vanga!Not,here others universe,this is very easy june-july but moré Finally june!Reasons astrology study that can not see in the web,21-26 june.

  16. Just hold up your Nokia as the Atomic Bomb falls on your head. You should be fine.

  17. 7:05 I knew it! If this happens, I'm fleeing to New Zealand

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