World War 3 if it Started NOW – December 2015


See the final : .


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  1. Russia, China, Turkey, Syria, France, USA, Is real and many other nations already involved. In a few months it will have escalated and be well underway. You don't need a nuke for it to start, it already started.

  2. cassanoa says:

    couldn't china revalue gold and silver at whatever it wants by simply offering any number it wishes for every oz – after all – it has plenty of american dollar to do it with – why would a war be necessary ? – maybe you might redesign this scenario to make it realistic

  3. cassanoa says:

    but it is an interesting scenario

  4. Aaron Yagle says:

    what's with the volume?

  5. Rage Tech says:

    this is just old video with new date….lol

  6. shooter1721 says:

    Amazing job!!! Love the video!!!

  7. jchahine says:

    Nice editing but the scenario of "ISIS alongside the Syrian Govt" is utterly preposterous

  8. Guy Azbell says:

    Why are you wanting for billions of peaple to die; this is indeed the end of days. Btw the whole world knows the boy Kenyan started all this confusion.

  9. Korey Daniel says:

    This is a good scenario

  10. Abe Kane says:

    Was an interesting watch. Only 20,000 Chinese troops to Aus? Would be a short lived invasion

  11. Shipsekie says:

    Putty Australia's prime minister got booted 3 months ago

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