The who, what , where and when the last war America when our last president , Barack Obama , takes our nation to defeat .


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  1. 69radiogirl says:

    Perfect explanation…thank you!

  2. dafrog491 says:

    I personally believe that Babylon is New York City. Where the modern day tower of babel stands : The One World Tower

  3. World war 3 will begin in Iraq for oil between America & Russia

  4. russia cant even beat a non country like uq yea im scared lol

  5. alotazman says:

    George Bush Jr. once said "If the American People knew what we do here in government, they'd hang every last one of us. Fortunately for us, the American People are just stupid, ignorant sheeples. They believe what we tell them and they do what we tell them. The American People are just stupid, ignorant, sheeples."  These are exciting times now. We are about to experience spectacular changes. The U.S. and worldwide, people are waking up. People are standing up for their rights and fighting corruption in their country. Look what Iceland did. They arrested the criminals in their government,  arrested the cabal in their country and rewrote their constitution. We will too. The Event (Freedom Movement) will happen very soon and peacefully. Everything is in place and ready. Just waiting for the green-light. Don't do anything crazy and start rioting. That's not who we are. The cabal is desperate and are throwing all kinds of false flags at us. The cabal/political elites are defeated at all fronts and will be completely removed/arrested very soon.  We the People, the Constitutional Sheriffs and the positive military needs to help kick start this Event into full gear. We the People are the rulers of our country and the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. We the People will run our country for now on. Congress and the Federal branches are not needed. As we have seen, position of power entrusted to a few, is the gateway to corruption. The government is a service program for the American People, not our big brother. Wake Up People and Be Aware!!! Spread the word!

  6. Soli Solo says:

    Revelation 18:5 NIV

    for her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her crimes.

    What does this mean? Please translate…

    Thank you & God Bless..

  7. Adam Fawcett says:

    Here is what's to come as written in the bible..

  8. MyLalinea says:

    babylon ? decadent west and u.s.a ?

  9. Thank you for sharing this with me sir. God bless you!

  10. We don't use chariots and horsemen anymore, so that doesn't make sense

  11. FELIX GALSKY says:

    Mathew 24:6-8 already happened ww1 and ww2, as said to verse 6 "you wil hear wars" Jesus was refering to WW1, and as said to verse 7 after the ww1 "nations wil rise against nations" and that refers to ww2. According also in verse 7, after ww2 "there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes" That is what happening today. And according to verse 8 this "is the beginning of sorrow" Conclusion: Ww1, ww2, & tribulations, is just the begining of sorrow. WW3 is will broke out when judgement day arive, as written in Revelations 13:7;16:14;17:14; 19:11; 19:19.

  12. nearly all of the abortion clinics are in the poor areas

  13. That's right USA and England are good friend many years

  14. I am thinking WW 3 will begin when the next president is in office. Right at the moment Obama is helping the middle east to get weapons. So, we will not see the 
    war in his time. That is what i am thinking will happen.

  15. TVPxC says:

    I think this is them immigrants 3:33

  16. It says King of the south not King from the south

  17. askmyAK says:

    5 things I need to point out .
    the 1 USA has the biggest air force in the world and the biggest navy in the world.
    2 there are more guns in the U.S. In private ownership than the rest of the world combined how will we be occupied.
    3 we have nuclear subs capable of being at sea 6 months at a time totally undetectable just one is capable of whipping out Russia,China and who ever else would be fool enough to attack the US, how will Russia and China prevent those subs from whipping them off the face of the earth.
    4 the USA is well aware that it has many enemies therefore it has the most advices missile defense system in the world installed throughout her Allie country's
    5 the USA has fostered an alliance with the most technologically advanced and wealthy nations in the world Germany,France the United Kingdom, Japan and Canada just to name a few when the day comes there will not be one goat by the river but a legion of goats by the river

  18. The Book of life will be finish on September 2016, and Gate of Heaven will be close on July 2019. God is calling us to repent our sins. God bless us all.

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