WORLD WAR 3 in PROGRESS – China and Russia plan joint sea drills – NO USA PARTNERSHIP


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  1. MrAirRobot says:

    No mention of the recent USA and Japan exercises but put Russia and China in a drill and the media goes into a flap.

  2. The One Guy says:

    World War 3 in progress? Uh, no. Obviously not.

  3. FUTURE ANGUL says:


  4. Don .Stephen says:

    nope right now Chinese are commencing military drills with Russia aiming North Koreans…… China does not need Israel as allies and they are are not that close with Israelis

  5. websuspect says:

    The US military and government needs to stop fucking around. Cut miltiary spending and overspending on stupid shit. Start spending more money on Missile destroyers, aircraft carriers and subamarines. Money spent on aircraft should probably be spent on resurecting older better designed planes like the TOMCAT and other planes from the vietnam erra thaty out performs the shit we got now and over pay for.

  6. hgregory73 says:

    The F-14 was VERY costly for the US Navy to repair, and to fly. They were not environmental safe. This is from a person who served in the US Navy, specifically on an aircraft squadron, who deployed on an aircraft carrier.

  7. Ocher9 says:

    face the truth, usa- europe (and maybe some other Nato members) -israel vs russia- china- syria- iran, nkorea is just an additional part of chinas military as wall against south korea (US influence) greeting from germany^^ i am "if" also doomed:)

  8. Because you can trust Japan and the US over China. China is friendly with North Korea and Russia is currently arming the Syrian governments army against its OWN PEOPLE. What the fuck does that tell you? Russia and China are the definition of corruption.

  9. wait… what? i had to double take on that, "bought from a PRIVATE OWNER"?

  10. i hope you are being satirical. if not, please stop watching faux news as if it's verified facts. do you think US honestly killed a million people in Iraq because of WMD's and their "terrorist activities"? It's all about oil and the propaganda to guise it.

  11. Trust Japan? Is that why the US base in Japan and Japan not allow to have full military. And Americans arm the Syrian rebels.

    In the Afghan and Soviet war, the Americans arm the Afghan rebels with Chinese made AK to fight against the Soviet and now the weapons turn against the US and NATO troops.

    Americans a trouble.

  12. I wouldn't want to fight Russia, I have respect for Russia

  13. Karni Sandwa says:

    That's true , The USSR and USA relations are worst ever today

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