World War 3 (India at War)


India prosperous and soon finds himself surrounded by powerful enemies . As war breaks out . India joins the Allies against the Hegemony . WW3 : The Third Civil Human …


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  1. China India war it's gonna be like sparta Athens war even if China wins over india ' s powerful army then china's gonna because of huge loss 

  2. I am hoping that my people knows this is a fiction and not to be taken seriously :D

  3. I'm glad China didn't take over the Telugu regions of India 😀 any way if there was any country who would end World War 3 if it arises it would be India. 😀 Which country are you from?

  4. JAI HO says:

    no one dare to touch india like chinees (khao mao) and other.we r a nuclear power and if any action will be taken against us we will use it…..and we r 4th strongest force in the world..

  5. rome khanna says:

    waiting for call of duty new version release with indian missions after world war 3…. hoping world war to start as quickly as possible

  6. people of republic no wrong, rewrite,, people of slave for china communisem for world war 1, world war2 now world war3

  7. geo tan says:

    LOL. Gypsies at war. They will kill us with their stench.:)

  8. New Era says:

    The scenario is very accurate, just show the map after the war ends because otherwise it is hard know who won and who was losing. That way it would be much clearer and accurate.

  9. DiscordChaos says:

    An alliance between India and the US is the democratic world's best hope, and our best chance at stopping autocratic warmongers and expansionists like China and Russia.

  10. haroon khan says:

    lol.half indian women have rap and no bathroom how it can be larger power

  11. SUMIT MITRA says:

    this won't work not at all never this uploader is like mad, india never ally with america atleast nt in a long period, china will never go on war with directly , why even if india dies india will take china with herself to hell, islamic country will f8 each other for dominance russia is a wild card, us will will sabotage russia by any means , australia welllll india does have realations with japan and brazil while china has with pakistan but india will get support from tibetian and internal turmoil will breakout in china , it does not workout at all the only way a ww3 can breakout it will be reccesion huge one, and india will not be targeted not at all

  12. yasir ali says:

    Buzdil indian Army. Hahahaha

  13. Jose Jimenez says:

    If WW3 was to start and it was a coventional war, the US and India combined with Nato would kick some serious ass.

  14. Jose Jimenez says:

    Some people on this planet have no idea what the US is capable of when its back is against the wall and it's in a all out war.

  15. GEN WARFARE says:

    piece of shit made by u pakistan is cannot stand against us for 2 days

  16. GEN WARFARE says:

    at the full power and ruusia will never betray us

  17. nice singing from the indian military.

  18. only solution for India not to jump into this bullshit close the economy to the world I know it would be tough but at least we would be alive because if God forbid ww3 breaks out every single able bodied man in India agreed 18 to 50 will be thrown(drafted) in the military like it happened in ww2 in usa

  19. bollocks bollocks and more bollocks China will never over take the USA the yanks Will not allow it they have no experience in modern warfare the equipment They got is Russian or based on Russian and it's shit just look wat happened to Iraq 1st gulf war Iraq had the 4biggest army in world equipped and trained by the Russian and adviced and look wat happened to it they got slaughtered same would happen to the Chinese if they kick off

  20. 2:11 I think it was a nuke scene for COD

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