World War 3 is about to Begin: 120 Countries Amassing Troops! (MEDIA BLACKOUT)


In this video, I have found several independent news headlines that talk about military exercises and movements across the world, involving 120 countries!


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  1. Just know the election is a distraction…perfect timing for a war. All this is by design.
    Agenda 21 now 2030 is the plan. This is all for depopulation plot to usher in the NWO upon this planet.

    The elites blue print at this time is the Bible,which has been authored by mankind.
    The true Bible has been hidden.
    At this time I can't stress enough, prepare yourselves for it….you will be knocked back into a off grid lifestyle,know survival skills!
    We are in for perilous TIMES so get ready ,and stay ready…never let your guard down!
    Stay safe and vigilant! Peace.

  2. DeeDee says:

    For the insecure wannabe samaritans saying this is "fear porn"–You're simply projecting your own fear and insecurity on C Ervana. If you want to hear some hello kitty island material and "news", go somewhere else. You want to be lied and coddled to , because you are weak to begin with. Don;t try to shame people like C Ervana when you are the problem to begin with. How about you strengthen your mind and spirit in Jesus Christ?

  3. Patti D says:

    Thank you. C. Ervana, for yet another well-researched and credible video. God bless…

  4. "The world is a Stage" – Shakespeare
    "They" won't destroy the Planet they must live in (for now).
    All part of the preparation of the "First Deception".
    Fear no Evil, put on The Full Armor Of God.
    God bless us all, in Jesus Christ Holy Name, Amen.

  5. Greek Pro1 says:

    The red horsemen about to ride!

  6. This is Obamas legal way to stay in office. If/when WW3 starts, under the constitution he can remain in office and cancel elections.

  7. Great video! Thanks for the information and I liked how you ended the video! Yes time is running out Jesus is The way, The truth and The life-no other way! Keep up the great work and keep the videos coming!

  8. these losers are so dumb they pray to a fallen angel lucifer,i pray to the only GOD,JESUS CHRIST!

  9. Omaragorn says:

    lets hope the terrorist state of israel gets destroyed because they are going to destroy the US

  10. Kevin Bos says:

    Truth, laughing at the thumbs down, it means you nailed it.

  11. Seriously… Who cares. The United States Of America is about to be Extinguished.
    Earthquakes, Carbon Monoxide Gas leaks, False Flag Events, Staged Race Riots etc… We're in the last days people. I wish the news would cover some of the important things going on besides these 2 FOOLS. Wake Up America.

  12. S Ale says:

    As Christians, these things happening should not come as a surprise to us thank God for His Word.. People who have nothing to do with God are the scared ones and we need to pray for them

  13. terrapin says:

    is bible being rewritten now.? why eveybody is lying about rapture and so called books and scriptures everywhere?

  14. erich pengel says:

    Hmmm Jesus ( Yeshua ) His coming is soon very soon Amen

  15. Kiana Dyson says:

    c. is there some way other than email I can contact you and discuss something thats going on in Micronesia. I need to speak to you please.

  16. Mr PARAdox says:

    Excellent, thank you.

  17. sue eason says:

    I'd rather know than be in the dark.

  18. rage lion says:

    I wars occurs, fuck USA, NATO. I won't join the axis force. so I will join the Russian army alliance. don't fight with the wrong side or innocent people will die, it's like choosing the nazis in ww3!

  19. Winter is almost over. Spring is always the best time for wars.

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