World War 3 is brewing, while ALL are distracted


Why are they beating the Trump was helped by Russia? Because its a great story and it keeps the Goyum distracted. Meanwhile NATO is rolling right to Russias back door, we have troops rolling into syria here comes all out full on world war. Dont believe me look for yourself.
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29 Responses

  1. With modern technology, especially all the info literally at our fingertips, TPTB have to wage WW3 against the people. We are learning toooo much about how the world really works and they cannot have it. We must be distracted with trying to survive the worst war mankind has ever seen.

  2. Jf Hs says:

    First off Bernie was wanted over Killary, two the evil criminal woman knocked herself out of the box, three I'm not saying Trump is any better it's probable just word play.


  4. Jimmy Force says:

    I can't believe this is happening, I don't want to die and just want to live a peaceful life, why does man wanna destroy this beautiful world. I love and respect all people like brothers and sisters, I hope y'all stay safe.

  5. monaghaned says:

    match 18th 2017
    remember this date

  6. Barney Fife says:

    That's exactly what's going on and we have all been played like a fiddle watching them do their acting with all of their nonsense and fake news; blah blah blah.  We need to keep in touch with the truth, not what they want us to watch.  Do you feel that hook in your mouth or the net over your body?  They are reeling us all in to throw in their net.

  7. I have bean saying this for months , and now with north Korea and Iran trump as to take action now. I give it 3 months at the most . with a draft that will get rid of undocumented Americans overnight

  8. Bahdini Kurd says:

    long live 40 million Kurds and brave Kurdish forces fuck the rest.

  9. 4:57 check out ther number on the warship 311, 3 x 11 = 33

  10. Death Knell says:

    I served 2 tours in Iraq in 2005 and 2006, and I would not have have voted for either one of them, but I can't abide a traitor and that is what Trump is. Now we are closer to nuclear war then we have ever been in human history, this being said, Russia is not our friends, Putin has been consolidating former Soviet territories for years and I can tell you from someone whose Grandparents are from Ukraine that they do not want to be part of Russia, 20 million people dead in the 30's and 40's from Stalin and the NKVD. I would rather give my life for a lie then allow the resurgence of communism.

  11. DemoBeMixing says:

    we need to come together! and start a village lol whos down??

  12. Trump didn't go bankrupt . Some of his businesses did . There IS a difference .

  13. u have turned into a useless fear mongering idiot.

  14. Gothic TDK says:

    I knew it! I freaking knew it!??

  15. Raven Wings says:

    You're absolutely right. Everything is scripted and WWIII is most definitely on the way. Thank God because I'm getting tired of waiting around for these stupid egotistical assholes to get their shit together. I say bring it on, the sooner the better. I'm good to go.

  16. YNVNEone says:

    Who are these rushins everyone talks about?

  17. Just work on the one's that will listen to u bro, it's a battle to wake up certain brain cell challenged or common sense challenged individuals, and then you have know it all physics and scientific type individuals and then last but not least you have the ugly cave dwelling creatures that just like like to piss people off, so don't waste your time bangin your head against the wall with these fuckwits, your better than the lot of them RFB, Cheers

  18. seppy ryan says:

    First the Euro Union govt lets millions of Mudslimes in Europe most criminals and spies ,then they attack from  within .Then the zio moneychangers get there tentacles in there making money from war.

  19. Lagnaf Irby says:

    Richie I believe I said back in January I gave Trump a 3% that he was with us and 97% he was with them. I was wrong because I too now see the protesting on March 4th the left was allowed to attack the right and the moment the right tried to retaliate the police go after the right. now I disagree on other subjects usually with you specially Flat Earth but there's many things that I agree with you on. the Masons and the Illuminati is a subject that I've wondered about for many years I didn't need the internet to wake me up. but if depopulation was really what they were after being ex-military I know the fastest way to do that would be to just gas the majority of us. so I really think it's more about making more money then it is about depopulation if they get the depopulation that's just a plus.

  20. scott carter says:

    Ritchies the bomb ??

  21. obergsson says:

    WW3 rumours are a distraction. Anything promoting fear is a distraction. Love and fear cannot coexist … They are trying to keep you in fear ….. Satan loves fear and fears love ….

  22. MegaNataz says:

    Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur.

  23. PewPewnoob says:

    Babylon is the prophecy in the Holy Bible. God have all the kings and the judges of the Earth in HIS Hand including the double bridle of satan. He has made them drunken with their own wine. He Will "harden" the heart of pharaoh which is the fallen host of Heaven and their rebellion that is fought IN us and spearheaded by some very very deluded mankind that are kost in their own Darkness. The Holy Scripture Cannot Be Broken.

  24. Hi Richie. You are forgetting your source is from media which is 100%fake. Therefore none of this is real. Fear mongering videos don't do a good name for your channel. Take care

  25. It's just WW3, nothing to see here, move on you stupid madafukers!

  26. Bob Brown says:

    this isn't news …you are reading random articles with no idea if its real or not talking about world war three

  27. Awake in NV says:

    Another RFB Classic. Thank you

  28. every comment I am making is to tell people that Clinton was not ment to win the election trump was it's all pre planned .like a deer it will run a short distance then double back on you please listen these are all diversions falls trials .

  29. jay brown says:

    I see what you are  saying  even with  sand  in my eye . Still think Putin and Trump  should wrestle.

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