World War 3 is coming


Get a free meal at your doorstep with my UberEats code: eats-db14q* There could be shooting in the streets tomorrow. ▻ Buy phenibut …


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  1. Doctor Baker says:

    stay ready,so you don't have to get ready!

  2. I need to order Phenibut before this goes down so I can stay calm and collected.

  3. bigzachful says:

    I Love this channel.

  4. Heisencybin says:

    Hey man does phenibut pop on drug tests at all? I'm in drug court and can't risk it. would it pop a false positive for benzos or barbs by chance? my piss is lab tested

  5. Phenibut God says:

    Clarification: In this video, by "people in the Middle East" I talked to, I meant I've spoken with American soldiers who have been on active duty over there. I've been told, and there are rumors, that the US military microwave guns can melt vehicles and boil people.

  6. Are the military preparing themselves in the US? There's been loud booming noise in Philly for two days now. We don't know where it's coming from.

  7. Deezy Jeezy says:

    Oh crap 666 subs

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