World War 3 is coming (according to Nostradamus)


Let’s examine the latest finding in regards to Nostradamus, Trump and impending doom.



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  1. God Emperor Trump will avert it.

  2. Jester Jay says:

    New subscriber here- what's the best evidence you've seen for something paranormal?

  3. comesect69 says:

    trump actually has an illegitimate gay son locked in a bunker somewhere in Istanbul….when the lock is removed from the bunkers gates, the fall of man will arise as this child sways

  4. so if it is coming what are you going to do about it?

  5. sush about Nostradamus, I love him lol he got the twin towers right, didnt he even give the coordinates? the movie with that Techny Kario guy was hot hot hot, hubba hubba ( glad my hubs will not see this lol)

  6. dahitmann says:

    Nostradamus should've lost any semblance of credibility he had with his huge failed 1999 prediction. Of course that won't stop the morons…

  7. Sad Onion says:

    you have to agree that we are probably the closest to another world war we have ever been in recent years. Did a psychic from the past predict this? No, humans are prone to violence and war is always around the the corner.

  8. As a Nostrodamian scholar, I ask you to direct your attention to the 3rd line. As you notice, it's referencing Egypt, but is it really? It's also beckoning a man to go forth. Perhaps.. Go forth into your.. kitchen? As we all know, Byzantium is not a reference to the Byzantines, but rather sounds like something that would be in your kitchen! Now, look back at Egypt. Egypt. Clearly, the print was smudged and it means egg.

    Nostrodamus is merely telling you that an egg is a fine choice for breakfast. And if you don't appreciate eggs as a breakfast entree, then WWIII will break out.


  9. Sorry to say this but his real name is Donald Drumpf so this throws the whole theory off….LMFAO.

  10. Frank Smith says:

    crap were all domed lol

  11. Warren-out says:

    The Falls trumpet are the fake trumpet sounds that people are hearing in the sky is that are man-made what is the evil power is trying to Mock and mimic God's revelation but what would I know I'm just a man

  12. Sas Quatch says:

    Thanks for clearing that up for me, Phil. It was causing me consternation rivaled only by all the value items listed at the McDonald's drive-thru…which I resolved by ordering one of everything. Some of those items were mistakes…the result of errant thinking…which brings us full circle to Nostradamus again…
    ? Dang it…now I have to watch the video again!

  13. RaygirlROL says:

    Wait, Istanbul used to be called Byzantium? I though Istanbul was Constantinople? Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople. Been a long time gone, Constantinople. Why did Constantinople get the works? I guess that's nobody's business but the Turks (and Nostradamus apparently, nosy bastard).

  14. prodigyat9 says:

    Laugh all you want but this is clearly predicting the pot-hole I drive through this morning.

  15. O my GOD , I laughed so hard . bleeding great stuff .

  16. Dam…….???
    Semper Fi

  17. lmaoooo okay this video was spot on 😀 What I am interested in is that there is a subset of humanity that is both against Trump and believes in Nostradamus. I… really want to meet some of those fine folk. I mean, I find toupee man ridiculous myself, but how does that mesh with le phophet dude and general belief in future predicting bs? Gotta love how they got "trump" from "trumpet" completely ignoring the fact that Nostradamus did not write in English. What if they had an alternate translation that said "horn"? or "tuba"?? xD …or saxophone. Yes, that definitely sounds like an instrument of doom…

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