world war 3 is coming and here’s why


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  1. It's not about money. Google this to learn what it is really about-—–>: Oded Yinon

  2. bucolic1 says:

    Israel wants more land and it's Zionists puppets are ensuring Israel's expansion.

  3. Dianne Rowen says:

    *****Maybe you'll feel different when you get a RUSSIN NUKE ….up your stupid ….ignorant….ASS! Watch all the video's……ASSHOLE!

  4. OMg all this was Predicted in a book called: my Journal from 2027 – scary stuff

  5. Putin is talking sense

  6. Red Rooster says:

    Who wouldve thought that Allen Jones was right when he said that the Central banks are starting these wars to cover up the missing Trillions? The Federal Reserve Treasurery of the USA is a privately owned Jewish company. The Israelis started this in 2008 after the money crash,checkout. Israels Nationality Law of 1952 Amended in 2008 to include 9 countrys as enemys of Israel: Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya,Yemen,Sudan,Syria,Egypt,Iran and Pakistan. The first 6 on the list have been attacked and near on totally destroyed by the USA since then and Egypt has had a Democraticly elected leader replaced with a Dictator while Iran and Pakistan are still on the list.Now they are pestering Russia even though they wont win if a war with them starts.

  7. History of humanity has told again and again civilizations fall due to greed. Man is willing to to put all on the line on the battlefield rather than appear weak and stand down. for example the Easter islanders, these people erected these magnificent statues that presented dominance and power that came with a great cost. as time went on the Easter islanders became well civilized they had resources they had weapons they had rivals. As time tells the island was to small to support the growing population so people started dyeing due to lack of resources, throw in rivals into the mix and you got yourself a combination rational people being pressured into making irrational decisions. eventually they all killed each other off and once again the island went back to to being a quiet island and the birds and fish came back to thrive the end.

  8. ISISRAEL will not rest until America is both broke and dead as it's own nation.

  9. The Manx says:

    Putin protects his people….our governments screw us.

  10. Total nukes: Russia 0 Usa 2.
    Drones atacks? goverments overthrown? Intervention Cia? Fake footage and media statements? Who really scare you?

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