World war 3 is coming! (Brass Ballz Award)


Retired Warrior Just next time don’t ask for a peace keeping force to come in. I don’t want to have to put holes in …


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  1. TheReady500 says:

    Truth brother!

  2. OMG, I laughed so hard! That poor guy at the embassy didn't know what to do, did he? I love this guy! ROFLMBO, thank you Veritas!

  3. Tell Putin to kick Obama in the balls LOL

  4. Jane Doe says:

    36 a day … hun there are many more than that. Did you know the VA and US prisons do not report mortality rates. Then the hundreds of millions in medical malpractice torts a year. i think its more like 50 – 100 a day. Check out Exposing Jane on twitter I tweet about the VA

  5. Jane Doe says:

    One more thing, search US military base superfund site. Most US soliders were exposed to toxic military waste. This waste was buried and or burned. The chemicals then leached into the drinking water. I drank mustard gas @ Redstone Arsenal in Alabama

  6. Danka is German, lol

  7. dude you just crank yankered the KGB your probly going to be shot for treason.

  8. Hate watching and listening to myself on video, but I can laugh at this now! All this because the VA would not let me protest that zoonotic diseases and soldier suicides were linked, I believe that if the world knew that our government let soldiers die to cover up a weaponized bacteria, and save money with 8,010+ more soldiers a year dying, the government is saving tons on medical treatment that is the equivilant to heart worms in your best friend in the world, your Dog. Bartonella and Borrelia are killing soldiers and even their spouses if this is actually communicable to them sexually and transmitted to unborn children and links to high autism in soldier families since the First Gulf War. All I want as a Soldier is to have a congressional hearing on this and let the world know we can fix this before there is a Military coups d'état or revolution of the masses. This is so volatile for the military and the VA that pray we can fix this.

  9. Jen Anu says:

    ha ha ha … right on :P

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