It appears they are bringing out their A team to instill fear and lay the groundwork for an obvious build up to their long overdue world war. JMO ,I’m just sayin what I’m seeing.
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47 Responses

  1. JKC says:

    America will start WW3, They will use a false flag attack firing a nuke from a sub & say it was from a chinese sub & then they will launch a full nuclear strike on china, the reason? because they dont want the chinese to become the new world leader with a more powerful larger economy

  2. roar5952 says:

    God bless..
    Satan needs an army military ..
    Satan is deception..
    Those who rule over America you believe truth is in or of them…?

    I say not a chance in hell..
    Evil wicked are these beings…

    Would have the whole of the world killing one another while they have drinks pizza in their under ground bunkers together..!

    Wake up ..

  3. All the psychopaths are fighting for power as usual.

  4. They've been poisoning our food, water and air for six decades.. go figure when ww3 started.

  5. Shawn Dugas says:


  6. scorcese is a papal puppet who just made a film that lies about who and what the jesuits went through in imperial japan so that people sympathize with these scum of the earth people.

  7. it's a war but not like ww1 and ww2 the third war is more spiritual battle between radical islam and christianity.

  8. zxzrp0 says:

    For those who "can't wait'" for WW3… If you're complaining about the world today…Just wait.

  9. rayclay2 says:

    great insight RFB the 21 thumbs down has me baffled. once again~!! thanks brother

  10. Truth Brown says:

    Who said that you're still in charge shadow (ex) government ? didn't we all just sine a petition to get gorge kicked out? It's over maybe we should look to the great potential of the future and put the past in prison.

  11. Lena Romero says:

    Richie did you get paid to talk shit about Jones ?

  12. Scorcese = 33 in Chaldean numerology

  13. el guapo says:

    WWII wasn't real so why would WWIII be?

  14. Dewy Doo says:

    subbed…Richie, your on point. Fyi, there is a statue of Albert Pike in d.c. been there for decades and still there today.

  15. Ben Franklin says:

    I am kind of tired of hearing WW3, let's go straight to WW4 !

  16. YNVNEone says:

    Everyday I am more amazed at how blind and willfully stupid people are. It's mind boggling.

  17. I feel like what CERN is doing with awake/D-wave is probably worse than WWIII, not that war is cool or anything but bringing in and turning loose of entities The Most High removed is much more serious.


  19. The_dude says:

    the satanic elites want us to kill eachother they know we dont ascend if we kill.its mass sacrafice..

  20. wars and RUMORS of war.
    ww3 may never happen, bc as in the days of noah they were eating drinking and marrying.
    Not living in caves in nuclear fallout.

  21. Navid Nafee says:

    You manifest what you want in your world of mine, good or bad!

  22. The first casualty of war is the truth. Generals need war. Cops need criminals. Doctors need disease.

  23. I don't understand the logic behind the depopulation scheme. What good is all that wealth if there is no one to loom it over at the end?

  24. larry beales says:

    They need a bad guy or there is no reason for the pentagon or CIA. or the billions spent on weapons every year.

  25. bobby90247 says:

    Okay, Ritchie! BUT, by "saying" this, you too are promoting WW3! "IF" everyone would simply STOP repeating this BULL S**T then we wouldn't have to hear it anymore.

  26. Kat LOW says:

    It's coming it's inevitable I know everyone knows

  27. jooz wont let WW3 go, there In charge and they want us all dead evil shits Google joo world order Its not a now, you fools have been conned, they say at some point Trump will start It, don't worry years Trumps got to look good but he works for the world leaders jooz.

  28. joseph saleh says:

    synagogue of Satan pure evil

  29. Rick Daystar says:

    If Martin Scorsese said the Moon was made of cheese these idiots that idolize him would believe him…Fugettaboutit..

  30. if world war 3 isn't the war on terror ? I'm a monkeys uncle.

  31. RichieFRAUDboston back with more FEAR MONGERING bullshit. so take it from the fraud & get ur gas masks ready & put ur bugout bag by the front door… What a discrace of a human. this guy is such a fraud & how cant u braindead sheep tell hes a ConMan ConArtist Non Christian FreeMason Occultist. WAKE UP SHEEP UR BEING HAD BY THIS ConMan

  32. Mr Cati thinks Trump will b taken out Lincoln & JFK style on 9-22 it also works into the 10k nuke in Manhattan that the authority's have already trained for. All the world is a stage for these sorcerers. God made all souls in the first kingdom age so you were chosen to be here at this very time & they know that.

  33. haloscorp says:

    All nuclear weapons are under the "two man control" protocol. It takes two people to access and authenticate a release order. It takes two people to perform a simultaneous physical action, such as turning a key or flipping a switch. I don't think hackers could release nuclear weapons, unless the system became intentionally vulnerable by planned computer access and control.

  34. Silent war going on since 2nd deliberate war. Chemical warfare, food, water & air we breath….Agenda21 population reduction on mass…

  35. areUaware says:

    WW3 has already started.
    The Pope even said so over a year ago.
    We all need to remember that both WW1 and WW2 were smoldering for years before the US got fully involved. Though we know that the US was involved behind the scenes.

  36. G-man says:

    Fear is the last thing Christians need. Jesus is returning & you wont see a WW3 so ignore the hyperbole fear porn. It's time to be happy.

  37. eerrr , I thought you guys said it was inevitable last year, and hang on, and the year before that, get ready for another uneventful and drab 2017, going to work every fuckin day, Internet’s for kids now, let's all fuck off.

  38. SnakeJones09 says:

    Thy Will ( not mine ) Be Done

  39. WW3 will be us against the elites!

  40. There is not going to be in eighth World War III what I mean is on a massive scale, we are in World War III against Islam but as far as nuclear bombs flying around the world that's not gonna happen elite know that if that happens your party is over so just hang in there

  41. thecazhdaddy says:

    love you RFB, appreciate everything you do. But please the intro sucks! keep the intro less than 5 seconds. people's attention span get thrown off with a long cheesy intro

  42. marco testa says:

    I am not going to wait and sit around fearing what is coming ,…..stock up on water,food and a health care kit,…..learn how to prep,… mom,aunts and uncles went through world war 2 and it was a freakin nightmare ,…..they know what it was like ,…..use what ever means you can , and of course without hurting anyone to prepare for what is coming ,….cause it is coming ,they (elite,bankers) what ever you want to call them have managed to brain wash the public and thanks to guys like Richie and others ,Jordan Maxwell, Steve Quayle,Anthony Patch, the list is long ,…..have given us information which is vital ,…..anyways thanks again Richie, and GOD BLESS!

  43. This whole world is a damn movie, the Elites are directing, producing, the stars run the countries, and us, well we are the un-named characters, extras you know the ones that get killed in the movie and don't make it to episode two.

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