World War 3 is is going to happen in’s why….


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  1. MrBudha888 says:

    Old news!!! Why post a video on 22nd November about old news? It happened already, everyone knows this already, all Erdoghan did was purge the country. If you're gonna post videos, at least post videos with new events that are happening, not old events like this.´╗┐

  2. Peter David says:

    Let's see…we were promised that USS Enterprise (CVN-65) would be sunk in a "false flag" operation so we could go to war in Iran. We were also promised that Jade Helm would see us all thrown into FEMA death camps and microchipped. And now WWIII will happen in 2017. Yeah. Right.´╗┐

  3. Ricky Lahey says:

    This channel is PROPAGANDA´╗┐

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