World War 3 is on the Horizon


In today’s mini-doc, we explain the implications of the U.S. Election and why World War 3 is on the Horizon. Facebook @ …


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  1. Trump has a meeting with Putin coming up. It's going to be alright. Russia is being forced to fight the US because of obama's BS in Syria. It's all going to stop soon. Obama is not going to start a war because the military will revolt on him. They know he's a fraud pos.

  2. toni kay says:

    The american people need to wake up on the truth or the world will go into a WW3 and the elites that will put hillary in power will start the war

  3. AAM SAR says:

    All what u think about is jobs went up to smoke your country had distroued countries killed millions of insent people up to smoke

  4. hangman1128 says:

    WW 3 is not on the horizon.
    This is propaganda and is 100% false!!!!!

  5. xdanano says:

    I'm from Serbia(former Yugoslavia), Europe country that US under Bill Clinton bombarded in '99 it wasnt bad as it is in Syria now not even close. It wouldn't happend if Russia had Putin back then. Looks to me to me that WAR is finally coming home. Dont tell me its goverment not ME who bomb people, but did you vote for them? Did you tried to stop it? Did you felt sorry for the all inocent lifes that were lost? No.

  6. zach s says:

    scary shit… the free loving individuals left in the world have been cornered… and like a desperate wild animal we've sunk our teeth into the encroaching menace.

  7. iF & When Globalists & Soros pathetic Corrupt Criminal Liar Worthless Open Border CunT… A SheT Head MentaL Zio arArbik Muzi invaders puppet, W/A Mission 2DESTROY WE PpL USA!
    That must be in jaiL By FBAI Now 0r Long time ago…

    iF & When Ever ELected By GLobalist's FRUD Nov 8 2016!

    Then WWIII WiL Be in Horizon!

    BE NOT Sheepi Among Standing ENDLes SLaved SheepLs!



    Mr Greeni
    Be A HERO
    Talk NOT 2Much!

  8. AD T says:

    Great job AMTV!

  9. Thank you for encouraging us to THINK!

  10. I grew up in a rural area, went off to the city and got a very good education, and now, once again, I live in a rural area. What has always amazed me is that in every cafe, at every gas station, at every local watering hole, you hear people talking politics, about this very thing, that we are being used by a bunch of heartless thugs. The elites think we are stupid. But we aren't. We know who our enemies are. And we are ready to fight them.

  11. Great video!!!!! AMTV Hard hitting in Your face.

  12. 8:14 If a 4-star general is saying this, you better pray to god Trump gets elected. China, Russia, Japan, Pakistan vs. US, Canada, Britain, France, Australia. IT will be ugly for both sides.

  13. falcon x says:

    It's the United States fault, trust me on this one, while Putin is being sound and is talking sense, the fat, media brainwashed American citizens are voting for an idiot and a female Satan.

  14. Chris I want to know if Assange is alive. Anything new on this?. NOW, you are not narrating on this post. I worry ALL the dissenting and truth speaking voices in the world are being silenced. Are you alive and well?

  15. Sad but True. Confirmed.
    N.B. There's no hysteria in Russia on the topic of Nuclear War, it's western media made up to scare you. But that doesn't make any difference because if US attacks, Russia will counter-attack without any doubt.

  16. Dregapt says:

    Powerful message Chris, good video.

  17. Count Spooky says:

    I've been having trouble with getting unsubscribed to YouTube channels. Anyone else? Just came here and noticed that I wasn't subbed and it's been happening to me at similar channels. Very odd!!!

  18. Kenny Ronald says:

    alot of air traffic up here in northern Canada….its noticeable big time….alot of fighter jets and tankers….and all sorts of military equipment on the trains….

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