world war 3 is starting ?


WW3 .



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  1. Rudy Simmons says:

    You support putin then?

  2. I'm going to have to disagree that the ISIS boogey man is not real. They're CIA funded. The FBI says they're in all 50 states. They work for the Federal Tyranny. That means when the Federal Tyranny needs a boogey man, surely they'll call on these goons to do a job. Obomber's DHS is giving "terrorist waivers" to "refugees". The refugee wave to Europe began when Russia started bombing ISIS in Syria. Turkey is working with them and allowing an illicit trade in FAKE PASSPORTS. They're not even Syrians, they were war tourist mercenaries in Syria. But they're buying Syrian passports and there's no way to verify their identities even, much less what atrocities they committed in Syria and ISIS was massively committing horrors in Syria, rounding up unarmed women and children and executing them in the town square to thwart anybody from considering resisting their presence, while they thieved the oil fields.

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