World war 3 is upon us


Did you watch Kerry’s speech?



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  1. I am not for the Dumb-o-crats but Israel needs to be put down.  I am sick of Israel.  I don't understand what is going on but we need to prepare.

  2. 4thdimension says:

    not all Muslims are ISIS, some are Al-queda the rest are Taliban!

  3. seller559 says:

    Scorched Earth Policy…tear the place down on their way out. Like bad renters Obama is probably peeing on the carpets and stealing the silverware.

  4. Jimmy Hagar says:

    I say we start a revolution before they have a chance to start a war

  5. Jimmy Hagar says:

    this war is all part of the global depopulation agenda

  6. Angel R. says:

    I personally don't care for Israel and all the illegal war crimes they commit among other things. I think it's time they stand on their own and are held accountable for their actions. Instead of sending them over 4 billion dollars a year in aid we should be using that money to better ourselves. We should stop worrying about other people and mind our own house. If Trump is assassinated, nothing will happen. The majority of Americans are too pussyfied to take any action. There will be a lot of shit talking and threatening but that's about it. I think that Trump being selected and the Republicans having the majority is no coincidence. This was done for the coming Word War.

  7. First, kerry made me believe there really are lizard people with all the tongue flicking during that speech.
    Next, I think the problems in sub saharan north africa are due to more than religion. According to (there really is a wikiislam – no shit)
    "A rough estimate shows that close to half of all Muslims in the world are inbred: In Pakistan, 70 percent of all marriages are between first cousins (so-called "consanguinity") and in Turkey the amount is between 25-30 percent.[11]
    Statistical research on Arabic countries shows that up to 34 percent of all marriages in Algiers are consanguine (blood related), 46 percent in Bahrain, 33 percent in Egypt, 80 percent in Nubia (southern area in Egypt), 60 percent in Iraq, 64 percent in Jordan, 64 percent in Kuwait, 42 percent in Lebanon, 48 percent in Libya, 47 percent in Mauritania, 54 percent in Qatar, 67 percent in Saudi Arabia, 63 percent in Sudan, 40 percent in Syria, 39 percent in Tunisia, 54 percent in the United Arabic Emirates and 45 percent in Yemen".

    And then there are the findings on intelligence. Research shows that if one’s parents are cousins, intelligence goes down 10-16 IQ
    points. The risk of having an IQ lower than 70 (criterion for being “retarded”) increases 400% among children from cousin marriages. They have been inbreeding for 1400 years – think about that.

    So there you have it – retarded and brain washed by forced recitation of a 7th century hate filled, intolerant book. That is not the "good" or "bad" mohammedans – that is roughly half of all mohammedans. It becomes a lot easier to understand blowing yourself (or your 7 year old daughters) up, believing in72 virgins and all the rest of the "teachings".
    Our king wants to import as many as possible before he slinks off. Jan. 20th can not come too soon. 🙂
    For more info checkout – sure to brighten your day :)

  8. Dakota Dwyer says:

    Back Country Preps, I love you brother. Obama is not vetoing the U.N.'s decision to split Israel, on the 15th of January the U.N. and 70 nations will vote to divide the land of Israel and Obama will not veto the decision. Trump can undo everything Obama has done but do you think he can undo a decision by the U.N. and 70 other nations? He can not, this is biblical prophecy. Better pray up and get ready to die for Jesus, do not take the mark of the beast.

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