World war 3 ISIS and Turkey is the problem Russia will blow them up


Russia will not have a dialogue with Turkey or Isis Listen Walid Shoebat He is a former terrorist and he says that Islam is .


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  1. Ed Butt says:

    Turkey is a rogue state, Washington and NATO must have known Edrogan was dealing oil and brokering weapons and ammo for ISIS for a long time. Whatever Russia does is justified. But it seems Turkey and the west want war (good for business) while Russia’s patience has held so far

    • grdn says:

      You are ‘spot on’ ………… but don’t question whether Washington / NATO knew of Turkey’s dealings with ISIS. All entities are in this together fully involved with an agenda …. ISIS is the ‘west’s creation and a CIA lapdog. #1 …. to destabilize the middle east …….. #2 to topple Assad …. #3 to isolate Russia ……. etc., etc.. Russia sees this and being Assad is their ally and Syria is the location of their energy pipeline going to France and Germany … Putin is rising up to defend his interest and I stand with him in his effort. America / NATO are this time around the ‘evil empire’ !

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