| World War III is shaping up in Syria at this time , thanks to Barack Obama . According to Senator Russian Igor Morozov , Beijing has decided to send …


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  1. God bless Mother Russia… Grill them all

  2. Fran Toll says:

    I believe you are right about this being the start of WW3. Why else would Russia, China and Iran join in on a battle that is clearly not doing much to diminish ISIS.

  3. Fran Toll says:

    All of this chaos makes me wonder when the capstone will come down to to the pyramid. Does anyone know of what I am speaking?

  4. WW111 started with the false flag of 911

  5. The globalists have been trying to provoke Russia and China to war with the US for years. The US has a lot of weapons that no one knows about. They need Russia and China to think that they can actually defeat the US so that they try. When they try they will both be wiped out and then the NWO will rise from the ashes.

    Hang on. We're about to see some crazy weapons get used.

    I think WWIII began in March if not before then. There were radio intercepts of some kind of a battle over the Arctic.

  6. Could this be why only citizens of the states should be allowed to be president?
    Instead of letting some random Kenyan bitch claim whatever just so dumb @$$#$ could fill o so progressive.
    If America survives Oldbomber he did manage to do one thing. Instead of being what would have been "The great black hope for America" now not even black people in America would vote for another black president. So if your a racist red neck YOU owe Oldbomber thanks for his mastery in setting back the black race 50 to 100 years in America.
    I bet most of you r-tards would vote him in for another term.

  7. dooglitas says:

    You may be right.

  8. Uncle Mic says:

    Apocalypse? Could be…

  9. matt k says:

    This is it guys get your shit together we're in for a bumpy ride.

  10. What if … if all of this is a staged "WWIII", then in a few days they'll come out saying, "Well we don't want a war that could destroy our entire world, so lets get together and FINALLY make a "NEW WORLD ORDER", hence they have the perfect excuse for their "Ultimate Plan".

  11. Tom Paine says:

    fk with the bear and u get smaked like a bitch!

  12. I gues Amerika China and Russia have become to Big to take each other head on
    nobody wants to be nuked
    So i gues this is the futher off all Wars


    America Russia and China sending in their armies to the Middle east where they can duke it out

    shit holes like Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan and now Syria are perfect desserty places to put some tanks and drop some bombs

  13. the world is in a mess. stock up like the man said on food and water etc.

  14. I keep telling people we are already in ww3 it's just a different war, no one listens sigh.

  15. History repeats it self just like ww1, ww3 is gonna be financed by the banks, just like ww1 this coming war is unneeded 

  16. kelly6739 says:

    When you start seeing leaders of this world giving out orders in their Nuclear Bomb shelters.
    then run like fuck that's when the big boys come out to play.
    And its not going to be nice.

  17. Angela Clark says:

    Its about time other countries got involved in the mid-east mess.

  18. bskkgil sk says:

    it's like goku vs vegeta imao

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