World War 3 : Massive explosion rocks Dontesk as fierce fighting continues in Ukraine (Feb 08, 2015)


News : Western leaders warn that this peace offer Ukraine could be the last chance to stop a all -out war …


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  1. Nick Lenfent says:

    Doesn't sound like an American accent to me. Sounds very British or Canadian.

  2. EdensSecret1 says:

    GOOD GRIEF KATY PERRY????? She looked possessed, wonder if she knows what she do??

  3. mike kendall says:

    the reporter said " propoganda war " meaning when jesus said wars and "Rumours of wars " meaning propoganda war = rumour of war. its here.

  4. meesieman says:

    Start believeing in jesus, because his going to do wonders…

  5. jutubaeh says:

    this 666 disney empire of babylonian evil must be stopped. ´´now´´ ^^

  6. The elite from usa & Russia needs to be held accountable we the ppl of both countries need to stop it.

  7. Biden sounds scared. ?

  8. Gabriel R. says:

    Christians! Don't forget your mission! >Mark-16:15
    It's okay to be eager for the Rapture, but remember there are good people who will go to hell, because they are not believers!
    Don't be selfish and wish for the Rapture so you can reliev from your own problems, JESUS WANTS EMPATHY FROM ITS PEOPLE!

  9. LITERALLY, THIS IS "Boiling Down" to WHO CAN be: THE Biggest, Best, Most Prolific, Pathetic L.I.A.R…!!!!!!(6) Ding, Ding, Ding…AMERICA by "A FLIPPING-LANDSLIDE"~~~~~~€ Say "Noooo" to: Satan and Evil Lucifer.. It.ll Rot your Brain!!!!!!(6 – – ) Praise, Almighty God-Yahweh, Yeshua and The Holy Jesus Christ of Nazerath!!!!!!!(7) Hallelujah, Praise, The Lord God Almighty…The Oneness & The Threeness-Bless, The Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost and The Holy Trinity; Father, Son & Holy Ghost… The Life, Way and The Truth(7) P.T.L..

  10. the eastern Ukrainian peoples there want their freedom, instead Poroshenko shells and bombs them..
    let the freedom fighters have their freedom; do not destroy the whole nation in a bloodbath.
    go home to Kiev and live in peace, Mr. Poroshenko.

  11. Prodan Vlad says:

    When people are scared, they are easy to manipulate. Keep calm and carry on.

  12. ненавижу америку 

  13. The usa goverment is so full of s***.(not the people )how can they frame others for killing when they have killed 500000 innocent people in iraq so far and not pointing russia.not saying russia is doing the right thing but com'on .

  14. Retardday1 says:

    Brace yourselves, the time is about to unfold.

  15. Tactical complex Tochka-U or just for American democracy from the Ukrainian government.

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