world war 3 message


message to everyone who sees it.


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  1. S Cook says:

    We need to say "come home boys. There'll be no more wars. To end death and poverty is Humanity's cause!!!! — Full Spectum dominance is the 1% belief. A one World Order. With everyone beneath. To understand their meaning should send shivers to your core. The walls are closing in boys and they're closing all the doors. This is our cause. This is our cause!!! End Corporate wars. The UN endorse the Corporate wars. An unelected force. NATO of cause OTAN. The Farther land. Against the Mother land. Has it all been pland? Oil beneath the sand. Tells me it's all for the greed of the greedy band!!!! God Bless man!!!!

  2. jeff fiedler says:

    Keep up the great message ! God Bless !

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